Friday, February 20, 2009

February Foibles

Still winter, still hibernating. What can I say? Well, we did have a strings recital and here is C playing the Breval Cello Sonata in C, 1st mvmt, at that recital. She did very well in my humble, unbiased opinion and only took about 2 weeks to learn this so I think she did great!

So, March must march mostly merrily forward....and spring will peep in behind it. Talking of peeps and peepers, our so-called tadpole turns out to be a salamander - probably a marbled salamander! How cool is that? The little legs were so small when we first got it, they were practically invisible. Now the cute thing is quite big in its own little way and getting stronger and more feisty by the day. We are about to borrow a larger tank and create a nice salamander habitat for it. No wonder it wasn't liking the fresh lettuce I gave it every day! It certainly likes the Triop food better which is probably made from fish bits - though as hard as dried toast! I can actually see the lumps of food in its stomach until it digests. Hope it isn't suffering from heartburn though it also gets to eat fresh pond plankton every week when I change out the water...

Some good news: A new girl cousin is born in RSA. Congrats on the sweet little one! And other great, wonderful news is that brother R and family are getting their green cards after all in a few months. They're looking forward to that, and so are we of course. I hope you don't want your trampoline back, ha ha! They've had a bunch of snow in London lately - lucky them!

Well, that's all the news for now. I'll try to get more into writing next month when spring comes to "town" (TN for short!).