Sunday, November 11, 2012

Silver Comet Bike trail

Another relatively cold (at nights) biking camping trip.  This time we were at Silver Comet trail in Georgia, near Atlanta.  This trail is a "rail to trail" type so very gradual altitude changes and quite straight.  The mornings were frosty but during the day it was actually very warm - into the mid to high 60s.  We had perfect weather!

In the Rockmart campground group area - a large field.

A lot of people huddled around the little fire, especially in the mornings.

Camping in style

We divided into several groups  - a 50 mile group, 25 mile, 12 mile and 6 - 8 mile.  I decided to accompany the 6-8 mile group.  Here is one of the train tunnels on the trail.   This is where our group turned around.

We had some time to kill while waiting for the rest of the group to catch up so did some "mountaineering".



Beautiful fall colors

Even on the short run, we had to stop and wait several times...

Part of the trail.

A shimmering lake along the way.

We decided to stop for lunch here.

Nom, nom, nom.....

 C did the 50,  D did the 6-8.  Very proud of them for what they managed.  Only one accident, and that was a parent!  (Broke a bone in her wrist.) Last trip we had a dislocated knee!

Good-bye til next time!