Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bud and the Weapon, and other Events.

Don't mess with me! I'll get you with my spat!

H and C started a gingerbread house last week.

This is as far as they got! (They tell me it collapsed ;-)

Saturday night games. (Phase 10) I think Han. was the winner?

Ever wonder why young kids draw people with arms and legs coming out of the head? This is why and here's the evidence --- they DO!

Well, as you can see, blog writing is the next best thing to being outside when the temps there are still in the teens...

Yay, we have good news! The family in London has received news of their visa approval and they'll be here within 6 weeks ("for sure"!!). Praise The Lord!!

And in case you don't "hear" from this blog for the next 2 months....never fear - we will just be "otherwise occupied" and will return after this short break from your unlocal station.

My dream house

I'll start this blog with one photo setting I REALLY like. May add more later. But here is somewhere I could live for a long time! (I can't take credit for this photo obviously - though I can't tell you who took it either - found it online somewhere - anyway, thank you for the photo, whoever it was!)

Later Ice Flowers (#3)

Here are some more amazing creations





Hundreds to choose from....I could have photographed them all for their unique shapes...

Elegant C-horse

Mother and child.

See my other ice flowers on the December 11 and 23 (3rd posting) blogs.

Snow Day Patterns

Com-Cam for this week. January 8, 2010.

We had another light snow this week but frigid temperatures, so it stuck around for a few days. This morning the temp. was 13'F (about -9'C). Here are some photos of some snow patterns, including a few more ice flowers.

On the neighbor's toolshed.

No fires burning here.

Waiting for use in the spring.

Tromping through the fallen woods.

Ash, if it weren't snow.

Looks like some kind of fierce beetle. (For those looking for more ice flower pictures, scroll on down a few blog entries for more. I also plan to do a whole 'nother ice flower blog later)

Snow falling Jan 7, 2010.

Jan 7 & 8 snow angels.

C liked the "body" pattern which came out so nicely in this one.

Trampoline patterns.

This is the temperature INSIDE the greenhouse. Only hardy plants will survive here! (I think the kale, spinach and mustard greens MIGHT survive!)

Someone likes the snow!

A dead insect, legs stiffly raised.

This is fake....(we poured snow into the guage!). Our little joke for the day! But there IS a 1/2 inch of solid ice at the bottom!)

C, H and A bouncing each other in arctic temperatures.

Happy Sabbath til next time!