Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in the cabin

Had a bad cold the week of Christmas.  If hubby hadn't stepped in we would have had pb and j sandwiches for Christmas dinner.  As it was we had a nice roast, vegetables, salad and dessert!  I'm lucky to have a hubby who can take over so competently.

Lit up for Christmas decorating

Now girls, are you decorating the tree or yourselves?

Christmas parade

Getting started

They all have to be in order...

Christmas tree lighting at Wright Hall

The three stooges

Drawing - D's?
Drawing - C's
Drawing - C's

Drawing - D's?

Puzzle I finished at the Samaritan Center while volunteering.

Christmas parties galore.

Gingerbread house

Christmas party at a friend's house

A ton of people were invited.

Musical items were enjoyed

Our cozy fire at home

Our work party

Found an old round tablecloth at the Sam. Ctr for our tree cloth. Homemade bath salts ready to give away.

Selfies are the rage now.

Ooo, somebody came by I guess!

And more...Sis!

Oh my precious long locks.

Trying to blow bubbles

All three girls got a tube of long-lasting bubble stuff.

To L's for New Years

They always have a table spread with delights!
Well, as you can see, with so many parties and gatherings around Christmas, it's no wonder we all gain a few pounds! Sis again. I'm ashamed of our opulence.  Ashamed, but grateful for all God's blessings we enjoy.  Let's never forget from whence these blessings flow!