Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

A picture of our material blessings of food this year! As usual, a laden table of potluck delights for all tastes and preferences. Wish you ALL could have been here this year to share it with us!

Expectantly waiting to dig in!

The greens in my greenhouse are coming along nicely. Since this picture was taken I've thinned the Swiss Chard and some lettuce. In my next design, I shall have two sides that open, allowing true sunlight to reach all the plants. As it is now, only certain plants get unfiltered sun for some of the time. The thermometer hasn't fallen below about 55'F so far and is mostly above 80'F. (thermometer is in the bottom right corner of photo). Of course the greens like it more on the cool side so we'll see how the tomatoes and greens fare in the same "room"!

Camera cam for November 25, 2009, showing a newly painted house!

In the process...

We thank God the weather was nice for a whole week so the painter could get the job done!
Til next time!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall is gone again....

The trees are about bare already...."Fall" came and went within 3 weeks. Oh well. Good news - our house is now painted - all except for some trim around the windows and doors! Yay. Will include some more pics next time. Just wanted to get a blog in for November...

Little sprouts in my greenhouse....exciting!