Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sonrise 2013

C was a dancing girl this year and D was supposed to be in the "perfume shop" (but ended up playing with the ducks.  Now she has the nickname "Ducky"!).  Here are some scenes from that memorable day.

Rehearsing in the church

A red cow.  A few minutes before this he/she was trying to get under the fence!

A shepherd and his lamb.


South American parrots in Jerusalem?? Oh well!

One of the dancing girls

An older couple greets people coming into Jerusalem for the feast days.

Hustle and bustle

Before the crowds come

A lovely middle-eastern maiden.

Another dancing girl

Making pottery.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gee Creek Campout 2013

Compared to last year we had a little more "dampness" this year but fortunately most of it fell during the night.  On Sat. night though, we had high winds and the tarp either came down or was taken down - the details are a little fuzzy - and perhaps those who did the deed were a little fuzzy on the details at 2am as well - maybe we'll never know, right?  Most of us were blissfully unaware til morning!

It was cloudy and cool but no rain during the day.

We need more than one fire for 100 people!


Worship time.

Crossing the creek - ha ha, looks like a ballet dancer!

We're supposed to be hiking the opposite direction, Companions!  All we like sheep...

OK, now we're heading in the right direction.  And yes, it IS 2013, thanks for telling us that!

Looking way below at the rushing creek.

These expressions are priceless!  I HAD to include them.

Well come on, Mr. joker boy!  Couldn't you do better?!

At some waterfalls.  Very picturesque.

Cooking on an open fire again....for those who couldn't make it Jan. 19.

Boiling water

The morning after....tarp down, big lakes and soggy ground!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Flowers bring ..... Beautiful Bouquets.

Some Spring beauties.

Mom's favorite flowers.  Wish she could be here to see them...they don't seem to do too well in the semi-tropics where they live....

Sunny, you're bombing my beautiful photo - SCAT CAT!!

The jumbo/elephant garlic doing well.

The flowering quince is beautifully blooming, finally!

Hey, we enjoyed these brussel sprouts even if they were small!

Bombing again, my boy!  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, you're also lying on my newly sown seedbed!

Collard greens have one of the highest concentrations of calcium of any of the greens.

Hey! Now someone's bombing my blog post!

Picnic lunch on the bike ride.  This was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon - the next day was chills again!  Oh well, you can see we made hay while the sun shone!

Looking through the garden fence.  Too early to plant much other than greens and stuff.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Found in the Lunch Room

At work we have a small lunchroom - too small, but that's another story - in which is left, from time to time, some item that, being food in the past, is now used for a different, but I'm sure, very important purpose probably, if not surely, inedible.    I sometimes do these experiments myself at home, so it was a vaguely familiar sight, even if subconsciously in the back of my brain, a little disquieting.

Something's "cookin"!

I see some thick green goopy stuff on top.  Must be working.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Break

Took a quick trip to Wilderness Adventure in the Smokies.  It's an indoor water park - perfect place when it's all snowy outside!

Coming into ... whatever....Pigeon Forge??


Small kiddie area

The hot-tub outside

Oh boy, the notorious Storm Chaser from the outside.

Girls of leisure

The wave pool

The end of a couple rides

End of the Canyon ride - my favorite.


From the outside.
A tangle of tubes.
My only comment is - make the rides longer!  They need the tubes snaking down a hill or something!  But then take us up by lift and not by climbing 10 000 stairs!  By the way - we got GREAT exercise!!!