Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas Decorations

Welcome (back door!)

The wonderful advantage of a log house is the availability of walls to knock nails into.

Welcome (Front door).

Mantel decorations

Our Christmas tree(s). The branch on the left is something C brought in from outside.

The table centerpiece. (Not quite a partridge in the pear tree, but an African Jacana on the right, for those interested plus an African Guinea Fowl on the left.)

Well, I'd say "Not bad" for a Xmas skeptic like me. Oh, and I DO love carols!

Fire Monsters and other things.

Monster teeth waiting to devour....Grrrrr.

Oooo, this flaming-eyed monster looks dreadfully hungry.

Another one of our colourful sunrises.

Dec 12 Church service. The Caroliers sang and the AWS orchestra played. Some of them are in the orchestra too, hence the open spaces in the choir. C is in the orchestra. Twas a beautiful service and a blessing to all.

My next post will be on Xmas decorations.

More Ice Flowers

Ice Dancers in a frozen embrace...

An intricately tied bow.

Feathery tulip.

A frozen white ice-peony.

These were all closer to home. Well, in the following week after these we found literally hundreds so took a bunch more photos. However, the first ones were definitely the best. Here are some of the later ones - more crystally than the softer looking ones:

Another frozen embrace

Looks like an angel flying.

Tempting to lick...actually quite tasty.

Very fragile.

Well, there are lots more...
Contact me if you want to see the whole caboodle. I hope you enjoyed these.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ice Flowers

These are amazing! I found them this morning while driving. These "flowers" were sprouting out of the ground like in a flower garden! (Later: I stand corrected - these are actually sprouting out of plant stems about them on wikipedia)

Long white hair, parted in the middle.

A hair bow.

God's abstract art.

Curly Q's

Looks like yummy taffy.

More "flowers".

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Happenings

Frosty's cheerful family greeting us at a photography exhibit we attended this evening.

A Christmas ornament the kids could make at the CHE Christmas party on Tuesday.

December is a busy time. Here are some events just in the last 5 days.

Waiting for the annual Christmas parade to begin - on a very chilly, breezy Sunday.

Sunday evening was C's first piano recital (since her previous teacher - yours truly - didn't have any!). This is her current teacher, Mrs Thorman, and a couple of the other students. C started out the whole recital with "Carol of the Bells" and did a great job.

This was sunrise on Monday morning. Taken from the back porch.

On Tuesday morning we had our annual pajama Christmas party at CHE. Here are some of the kids making ornaments (shown in second-from-top photo). We also filled up bags of candy and toys for needy children in the area, watched an animated Christmas movie about the first Noel, and decorated cookies. Right at the end we had lunch then drove back home through the pouring rain.

H straightened C's hair - I didn't think it could get any "straighter" but

here is the result:

Well, I'm afraid my blogs are sort of limited by the photos I take. If I were a true blogger, I'd plan the blog first, then take shots to support the story.... Anyway, since I've come to the end of any meaningful photos, I'll end now and bid you adieu til next photo download!

By the way, did I mention I have a new camera? A very nice gift from my better half. Thanks, S!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Winter Pictures

Woke up to snow falling this morning and a lovely winter wonderland.

It made an interesting pattern in the bare dogwood branches. It's amazing what even an inch of snow will do to the landscape, although after it stopped snowing there was probably almost 2 inches.

And on the trampoline.

Nandina? Something like that! The snow was already melting here.

Now this picture below has an interesting history! The two trees in the foreground are in full cherry blossom glory while the tree in the field in the background, at the same time as the buds, WAS in full orange autumn glory -- about two weeks ago!! I notified the hubby of this unusual sight but he failed to see a good photo here, so, because I didn't actually stop and take the photo myself during that time, the opportunity was sadly missed. Hence now, the snow on the blossoming cherry trees, but no brilliant orangey yellow tree in the background. BUT, the redeeming factor is the snow on the the enjoy what is but sadly not what could have been!!

Another sad oversight, due to the slight rush to get to church earlier than usual for a certain Adventurer event, the Com-Cam picture was missed! So kind hubby took it several hours later which meant patches of ground showing through already! Shucks.

Here are some Adventurer photos of the day.
Marching in. GET those hands out of the pockets, boys!!

Taking up the offering. (H and B are in the photo right)

The snow didn't stop there being a full church this morning. Fortunately the roads were clear and no ice, thankfully. Here's what it looked like mid-morning.

Hope you all had as wonderful a Sabbath as we had!