Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Activities

A little behind on some of our activities due to our busy-ness.... Here are some pics of what's been happening behind the scenes...

Our private waterfall with deep swimming hole

Did I say private?  Well, we do have some other residents to contend with!  This is the Northern Water Snake.  He seemed bold...shivers!
And we can jump from the top of our little waterfall.
With lots of smooth, flat rock to sunbathe on.
Contending for the floaties!
Bald River falls with friend, D, along.

Ravenous after floating down the Hiwassee

Trying out the mall bungee jumps

Supper after blueberry picking and swimming.  This is at the high point of the Cherohala Skyway.

Melons, tomatoes from the garden, and other delicious food.  Seems like we're always eating!
A few of us went to the "World's Longest Yard Sale" on hwy 127.  This picture in no way expresses the intense, mind-boggling, oppressive and soul-destroying heat and humidity present here!
The Sequatchie valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, without a doubt!  Just remove the heat and humidity and this would be paradise!

Playing at the Coolidge Park fountains.  They need to put ice in the water, just saying....
 The summer is still look for more updates of various kinds!