Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall garden updates

Haven't been paying much attention to the garden lately - been away and just too busy!  The garden has been taking care of itself, I guess!

Greens and more greens

Herb garden

Herbs with beans in the background - they're still bearing quite well.

Peas climbing the fence, hopefully.

Still picking good carrots

These "mustard" greens I showed in an earlier blog - they've grown fast.

Spinach and kale planted later in the back garden.  The okra is still producing well as well as bell peppers.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pathfinder Induction 2012


D getting to light her candle to place in the holder.

Watching the procedings

Induction service candles

A beautiful Fall reception afterwards

Friend and Companion

OK, enough 'NICE' photos!

Get us how we USUALLY are!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pathfinder campout to Cohutta

Cohutta pathfinder campout in September.

Girls' tents lined up nicely.

Looking towards the cafe tent.  Over 100 pathfinders!

Looking over to the boys' side.

Cohutta is an awesome place to camp.

Time for breakfast

Always long lines but the servers do great getting us through speedily.

Saturday night campfire vespers.

Huh boys?  What did you say?

Good flames for a cool night.

Stan giving the vespers talk

One of the two buses.  Also had a van and several other vehicles.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Garden Gems plus....

Here is one of the 10+ watermelons from the garden. This one was 35 pounds and had to be carried in the wheelbarrow!

35 pounds of watermelon
It barely fit in the fridge.  We had to invite 3 other families to share it with us.

Dew Sparkles

 Why does some dew gather in small droplets and other times not so small?

Are you at home, Big Ears?

Sept 9, 2012.  Starting to get the fall garden going.

Mustard greens?  I can never keep all the greens straight.

We had the pool to ourselves on the last day it was open!


A family of turkeys comes over for a visit.

Our newest Pathfinder: a "Friend".  They went on a campout this weekend.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful.  Didn't get any photos of it, sadly.

Sept 16, 2012.  More stuff in - broccoli, brussel sprouts and collards.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Continuing summary of some super summer activities

Don't you love my tongue twisters?  Anyway, here's more of what we've been up to the last month or so.

Upper Hiwassee on a foggy day

Playing in Lake Ocoee (Parksville to some)

St. Joseph's lighthouse on Lake Michigan

The waves were large on the right and washed over several times. The boys had to jump up the pole to avoid getting their shoes wet.

Braving the frigid waters on Sunday (12th August)
D and K, the happy couple

G, L and R with Uncle and Aunt from RSA

Some of us cousins with uncle E and aunty R.

The reason we were in Michigan - D and K's wedding - beautiful!

At the reception

Indiana Dunes

The canyons of Chicago.  It was foggy and darkish - even though only mid-afternoon

I see they transplanted Jo'burg's Ponte to Chicago!

First day of school.  Missed getting one of S.

One of S's creations on a rainy afternoon

A walking animal of some sort

D and S on the swinging bridge, upper Hiwassee.  We stayed for the siren and opening of the second gate before heading on down to kayak this section.

At the start of the section

Hitting a few minor bumps

We stopped at a teeny island

Shall I get in or not? (he had previously been snorkeling so was prolly a little cold)

At a w/e pathfinder convention at Cohutta.  

What?  I'm at the end of 19 photos?  Well, there are PLENTY more but that's a small snippet of our activities this past month.  Am working 20+ hours a week now which fills up the time very quickly!

Oh, all right! I'll add 3 more:
Some of the rain in our area on August 29


First Pathfinders for the year.  These are just Companions - we have about 30!
I'll put some gardening pics in the garden update posts.  Oooh, I hear thunder!  It's been incredibly hot and HUMID today so maybe the rain will cool it off and condense some of the moisture in the air! (and maybe not....)