Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow days

Here in the south we're having a few snow days.  Yesterday it snowed an inch here and today another 2 inches or so before turning to the dreaded rain!  We're right on the edge of the snow line here but as often happens in this particular part, we don't get the large amounts of snow I would like.  I'm sure many others are just as happy not to get anything of course. Exactly 2 weeks ago we also got a little dry snow.  This snow is very wet and heavy - good for snowmen.  I'll give a conglomeration of both (later: 4) sets of snow pics:

After just a few minutes of snowing (Jan 28)

Snow on Feb 11. D Dressed to the hilt

C and D ready to slide!

D,D and C on a cold snowy night. Middle D braving the cold.

Duckie snowman

Enjoying the snow

D and C

Total amount maybe 1 inch(back to Jan 28 here)

For some reason the trampoline collected a bunch

The snoozing garden

Can you believe it was 1'F? (Jan 30) (63 in the house - but the temp prolly changes from area to area)

Second snow (Feb 11)- more heavy and wet

Tree people hired by the electric company to lop branches too close to the power lines.  However, while here, an engine belt broke and they had to be towed out.

A cheery fire for those icy days and nights.

Third snow (Feb 12)- also heavy and wet but only a couple inches.

Another day - Jan 7 - it was 3 degrees F.

Well, I need to add another snow day to this list.  The night/day after the last snow mentioned above (on Feb 12/13), we had 8 - 9 inchesAfter snowing all night, we woke up to a magical winter wonderland.  Here are some pics of that.

Snowing on the night of the 12th

From our bedroom window the next morning

Trampoline Pie

The explorer needs a light.  Actually it was still quite dark when we first went out.

Our hemlock

Mail, anyone?

Eating snow

Cabin in the snowy woods

Several branches broke.  I think this particular one held.

In my snowy sleigh

Suntan anyone?

Vegie Garden


In one place it showed 9 inches.  Another place showed 8. 

We lost power in our little neck of the icy woods.  About 36 hours later we got it back.  (We sure appreciated our fireplace!)

I'm always amazed at how the snowflakes get in every nook and cranny.

Birdhouse tophat

Snowboarding later in the day.  The road's snow was a lot thinner since it didn't start to stick for several hours, but it packed down easily for good sledding.

Looking towards the garden patch.I bet Peter Rabbit is safely in his burrow!

White skeletons


Traversing the endless white steppe into the Siberian hinterland.  The snow was over a foot deep here due to the long grass. (Ever had snow down your boot?)

The dogpen

Dogwood in winter

Fingery branches

Later: The remains of a fierce snowball battle (which ended in a tie:)).  These are remnants of our ramparts.

Pretty sure that's all for this season in these parts...If we have more, I'll add to this.  Happy sledding!