Friday, March 28, 2014

School projects

Two recent school projects.  The first was to build something to scale.  C chose the Big Ben tower, also known as the Elizabeth Tower (in London).
Built to scale, not in finest detail!

An animal cell

Friday, March 7, 2014

Wilderness at the Smokies

Spring break at Wilderness at the Smokies again.  Still a nice place to hang out when you can't afford to go to southern Florida!  Air temp is about 85 and the water warm.

The first night.  Relatively few people so it was easy to find a table or a chair anywhere you wanted.

This is what happens when you don't watch much TV at home....

91 steps to two slides and 70 to the other two.  Good exercise!

Wave pool

The roof allows sunlight in

3 stooges - D, C and A

D surfing

C surfing

A surfing

The children's play area with the bucket emptying. Wow, it's upright already!

Wave pool without the waves

With the waves
 We stayed 2 nights - just the right amount of time before we became too tired! 

What? Another birthday??

Pics describing our little birthday breakfast - NOT a party!  We didn't have time for a real party due to the busy schedule this lass keeps these days.

Birthday girl


The birthday banner

So many presents this year!

The Cake
 Rainbow cake

Some of the party breakfast goers invitees.  I regret I didn't get a full-group pic!