Friday, September 20, 2013

Garden Images

Some little things in the garden this year.

Our useless watchdog.

Dome spiderwebs

We had tons of garden and other spiders this summer.

Bottoms up!

As I said, lots of spiders around

I wonder if this means the tree is in trouble...?

The fungus circled the whole base of the tree

Preying mantis looking for food.  I wonder how many spiders he ate (this is the same bush as above with the webs on it).

The only way to cut back the weeds this year!  In the foreground are some broccoli plants

Do you see the hummingbird?  It just happened to fly in as I snapped the pic.

I love back-light and autumn leaves...

We have to brighten up the rainy days somehow...

Another spider

Front porch wasps

Back porch wasps

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pathfinders 2013

We have over a hundred children again this year and Oshkosh in August... Anyway, here are some photos of the year so far.

First night of PF

First campout of the year

Held the camera over my head and took this shot.

Unit class: Explorers looking at a type of sleeping bag.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A few days in Florida

Took one of the few free weekends to visit family in Florida.  We went via St. Augustine.

The hotel pool and (yay) hot-tub.

A large, flat beach

We had great weather.

A full moon.  Do you see the handstand in the foreground?


Early morning thunderstorm out to sea.

I don't know if I've ever felt the Atlantic ocean this warm before!

Watching the sun rise

The surfers were up and at it already.  The waves were quite large!


Getting breakfast.

Fort Matanzas.  We had to cross the river by a free Nt'l park ferry. (Thank goodness the shutdown hadn't occurred yet)

One of the numerous springs Florida has.  This one wasn't as cold as the last one we went to but chilly enough! As you can tell, the crowds were sparse but in mid-summer I hear it's chock full.