Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I love the South

Hey ya'll, if you're not from the South, you'll appreciate these wonderful pics ("borrowed" from the internet) showing what life is truly like for us-all down here. We hope you'll better be able to understand our ways and appreciate our incredible, awe-inspiring and intelligent ingenuity. (By the way, following are my own comments on them - I won't blame the internet for those!)

This one is self-explanatory.

How else do you think we feed them?

To be sure, there's one of them signs for real about 5 miles down the road from us!

and again and again and again....

Hey there, sis, have you noticed a drop in population around here lately?

Well, it doesn't snow much down here - gotta make do!

Worthy of Africa itself!

Is this for church?

I'll "git yer"! The Southern version of "Facebook" (or is it a "twitter"?)

Works for me! (but I'm sleeping down below)

Ain't nobody broken in yet! That alarm sign works every time!

Cain't see through it but it shor keeps out th' cold!

Anuther great weekend ahead!

Hope your weekend is great too.
Bye for now!

Life's Little Lovelies

Before April completely bi-passes me, I must discipline myself to sit down and chronicle another couple weeks of spring madness. First off, 3 weeks worth of spring house "cam" pictures.

The first, April 13:

The next, April 17:

The last, today, April 24:

So, our azaleas are in their amazing peak now:

A couple weekends ago was S's Almuni (also known as Alumni) weekend.
It's nice to know he comes from such an outstanding academic institution. Frankly, we wondered , at first, if it was actually a Trekkie convention. But then we saw some friends, and even relatives, so we knew it couldn't be!!

During groupie, uh, group photos, this little doggie came all by himself and sat himself down to get his little mug in the picture! What a smart hound! (Sorry my camera made all these blotches on the picture - one right on his nose!)

C has had and will have, a number of performances and recitals in these two weeks (last and next). On Tuesday night she played her violin in a recital for the first time - Witches' Dance, and did very well. Tomorrow she plays cello in orchestra and promises us this will be spectacular! She's especially excited about two gavotte's by JS Bach. Then next Thursday will be another recital on cello. We haven't quite decided whether to play the Adagio or the Allegro of Marcello's something or other. Since it's an end-of-year type of recital, there'll be about 40 kids playing so we'll have to choose something relatively short.

Oh yes, some more big news is that we have the garden ploughed and quite a bit put in already. It's been so wet lately we haven't been able to do much. Here's Mr Allen doing his thing.

And here is another of C's house creations - this time some kind of tent over an old playset found abandoned when we moved in 5 yrs ago - it has finally realized its destiny!

And that brings us to the end of our lovely spring photo album for now. Next time watch for "Reasons I'm glad to be from the South" funny photos gleaned from the internet grape vine.

Happy Sabbath ya'll!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April's Aim At Assiduous Alacrity

(OK, I did have to verify several words myself, so don't feel bad.)

Happy Birthday to a certain very special family member!! Hope you're having a wonderful 4th of the 4th as we always say!
We've had a very busy time the last few weeks so will start adding photos now to give you the picture. Talking of pictures, I need to start the camera "cam" again as our azaleas are starting to show little buds and peaks of pink, plus the trees' leaves are starting to come out again - just in time for another hard freeze tomorrow night! Hopefully not - that's what happened two years ago and it wasn't a pretty thing.

Last week sometime we had one grand "investiture" and C got a bunch of Sunbeam honors - now added to these on the sash below.

A gaggle of girls pose for a picture. (This is barely half of the Sunbeam group which was very difficult to round up in all the excitement!)

This event was on March 15 (the Ides, you know). It was pouring down rain most of the day and quite chilly but the kids had a blast as usual.

That evening good friend, Jan, from "afar" (Macon) came to stay. We had a nice visit and I got a lot of good school ideas. She is so creative!

A couple of C's Lego creations lately.

A field trip to the zoo. A, C and H (as in ACHoo!)

And here's our sweet baby, being so good (sitting in the cat's bed!)

C's class has been doing some sewing on the machines lately at the CHE Home Ec. class. She has thus made a pillow, an apron, a scarf blouse and is now working on a skirt. Previous to this they were working by hand so this is a treat. (If she doesn't look excited, well, it's because she isn't!)

Well, if that ain't enough doings....I dunno fer ye!
Happy Spring!