Saturday, April 4, 2009

April's Aim At Assiduous Alacrity

(OK, I did have to verify several words myself, so don't feel bad.)

Happy Birthday to a certain very special family member!! Hope you're having a wonderful 4th of the 4th as we always say!
We've had a very busy time the last few weeks so will start adding photos now to give you the picture. Talking of pictures, I need to start the camera "cam" again as our azaleas are starting to show little buds and peaks of pink, plus the trees' leaves are starting to come out again - just in time for another hard freeze tomorrow night! Hopefully not - that's what happened two years ago and it wasn't a pretty thing.

Last week sometime we had one grand "investiture" and C got a bunch of Sunbeam honors - now added to these on the sash below.

A gaggle of girls pose for a picture. (This is barely half of the Sunbeam group which was very difficult to round up in all the excitement!)

This event was on March 15 (the Ides, you know). It was pouring down rain most of the day and quite chilly but the kids had a blast as usual.

That evening good friend, Jan, from "afar" (Macon) came to stay. We had a nice visit and I got a lot of good school ideas. She is so creative!

A couple of C's Lego creations lately.

A field trip to the zoo. A, C and H (as in ACHoo!)

And here's our sweet baby, being so good (sitting in the cat's bed!)

C's class has been doing some sewing on the machines lately at the CHE Home Ec. class. She has thus made a pillow, an apron, a scarf blouse and is now working on a skirt. Previous to this they were working by hand so this is a treat. (If she doesn't look excited, well, it's because she isn't!)

Well, if that ain't enough doings....I dunno fer ye!
Happy Spring!

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