Sunday, April 21, 2013

GCC (Conference) Camporee

It was time for the local Camporee again.  Kind of cold in the mornings and evenings but otherwise nice and sunny.  Friday it had rained so the ground was soggy - dried out the rest of the w/e.

Waiting for the sun to reach us in the morning

About 1600 pathfinders altogether

Lining up before the parade

All the clubs snaking up the hill in the morning parade

I just love this part.

At church on Sabbath

After church there was a baptism.  The water was frigid.

Roll-call on Sabbath evening.

During the meeting a man painted a picture of Jesus

Sunday morning waiting for things to begin.

Our welcome tarp

C's tent was this one.  It's getting replaced.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Investiture Time Again - 2013

Getting invested is really exciting.  We have one Busy Bee, one Friend and one Companion this year.

Pathfinders had investiture outside.

It actually heated up quite a bit in the sun.

The Busy Bee all ready to go.

The Armor of God theme.

Marching in.

Standing attentively

Repeating the pledge and the law.

Watching some of the older kids getting invested.

Friday, April 5, 2013

More Spring Garden and whatever else I can find.

We have had a pretty spring this year - a lot of cooler weather has drawn it out somewhat, I suppose. Some of these photos are added in later than the date shown above.

Along the road

Bradford Pears

Earthworms LOVE my garden!

Big, fat, juicy ones!  And I see thousands of little tiny baby ones and medium sized ones too!

Mustard already gone to seed.  Too bad we don't actually eat the mustard leaves.  I tried juicing it once and almost had a heart attack!  It's STRONG stuff!

Time to wake up the garden for spring planting.

Blossoms nearby

Flowering quince still looking good.

Some kind of wild hyacinth?

Started the basil indoors - I know I have too much!  Anyone need any?

I'm so thrilled the pink dogwood is blooming for the FIRST time this year.  Happy mother's day finally!

Had to take another photo.

A lot of red clover came up again this year - on the right of the pic.

Herb garden looking sedate.

A wren decided to nest in my greenhouse!  I wasn't too amused that she chose the busiest season to tie it up, but she got used to us being around.  These are a few of her 6 babies.

Irises (Added April 27)