Friday, April 5, 2013

More Spring Garden and whatever else I can find.

We have had a pretty spring this year - a lot of cooler weather has drawn it out somewhat, I suppose. Some of these photos are added in later than the date shown above.

Along the road

Bradford Pears

Earthworms LOVE my garden!

Big, fat, juicy ones!  And I see thousands of little tiny baby ones and medium sized ones too!

Mustard already gone to seed.  Too bad we don't actually eat the mustard leaves.  I tried juicing it once and almost had a heart attack!  It's STRONG stuff!

Time to wake up the garden for spring planting.

Blossoms nearby

Flowering quince still looking good.

Some kind of wild hyacinth?

Started the basil indoors - I know I have too much!  Anyone need any?

I'm so thrilled the pink dogwood is blooming for the FIRST time this year.  Happy mother's day finally!

Had to take another photo.

A lot of red clover came up again this year - on the right of the pic.

Herb garden looking sedate.

A wren decided to nest in my greenhouse!  I wasn't too amused that she chose the busiest season to tie it up, but she got used to us being around.  These are a few of her 6 babies.

Irises (Added April 27)

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