Saturday, July 10, 2010

Great Nephew

Oh boy, we're "greats"!!  Exciting that baby A was born safely yesterday.  Here is a sweet picture.  Look at his chubby cheeks - just waiting for kisses! He was a whopping 9lb 9oz!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

While we're sweltering....

These poor folk are freezing!  These are pics taken by a friend in Somerset West after a recent snowstorm in the Cape on June 14, 2010.

These are the mountains I grew up with - lots of good memories!

Happy Independence Day!

Here are some photos from various people. Since I was playing cello in the orchestra while the lovely and exciting booms and bangs were producing bright flowers in the night sky, I had to rely on others capturing the sights.  So, here are pics from several different fireworks displays - from local ones to my brother's in Franklin, Indiana.

Franklin, IN

Collegedale, TN



A dandelion in Franklin

Exploding dandelion in Franklin

                      This one over Chattanooga

Three Cheers til next year!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun at the Blue Holes

This past Wednesday we took a trip to the local "blue holes" on the Ocoee with Zoe and kids. What fun we had.  I left my camera in the truck so only got pics at the end.  When we got there we were the ONLY ones there.  The water was cool but not freezing, and there was cloud cover so we didn't get burned, but it was still hot enough to enjoy swimming.  We had a wonderful time there. This was at the "slide" area.

We had fun going over the "falls" on the mattress. 

Joe about to go over head first.

Adventure Camp!!

How exciting that C won a FREE week at Adventure camp.  Of course, out of ALL the primary kids, she was the ONLY one who had 2 compulsory orchestra rehearsals that very week!! Needless to say, we made a total of 9 runs between camp and here during the week but it all worked out OK and she had a wild and wonderful time. Wants to go next year....we'll see if she wins again, ha ha!  Anyway, she has more pics from her own camera but these include a few I was able to take. This is a photo they gave C so here are the girls from her cabin, Oconee, and her counselor, Kaley.

This is the girl in charge of the girls, Christine.  I'm here to pick C up for rehearsal!

Taken in C's cabin during rest time.

Not too happy about leaving camp in the middle of fun stuff! 
Maybe I'll be able to add some of her pics later. Til then, see you later, alligator!

General Conference

Every five years our church gets together for a business meeting/campmeeting that lasts 10 days. People come from all over the world!  This year it was held in Atlanta, GA. I got to go on Thursday the 24th, Sabbath the 26th (when C played in the AWS orchestra for one of the music programmes) and now again tomorrow.  Here are a few snapshots of the experience.
This is on Thursday morning during a devotional service.

This is our FAMA meeting - Fellowship of Adventist Missionaries to Africa.  Nice to meet old friends here! The meeting was on Thursday morning.

Brother R in front of the Georgia Dome.

Thursday morning crowds (nothing compared to Sabbath!)

Atlanta was very accommodating to our group!

Here is the orchestra on Sabbath afternoon just after their performance.

Sabbath crowds.

C getting ready to play cello on Sabbath afternoon.

This is the spot (in center) where the orchestra played.
There'll be more pics from tomorrow, I'm sure.  Happy Sabbath!

The garden grows...

Here are some of the latest garden pics.  Things are growing - including weeds! These pics are from a week ago.
Green beans, kale, parsley, basil, carrots, tomatoes etc.
Ripening tomatoes.

My zinnia patch.  Lots of butterflies come here too.

Tis the season for VBS

This is the tribe of Levi at the C'dale VBS. They had over 300 kids and had several groups. C and A were together.

Pagan symbols in the church!!

The next week a VBS at the Ladd Springs church. A science theme.

They also had groups here.  C and A were Protons!
Mr Ben Roy showing what a vortex looks like through a circle.