Friday, July 2, 2010

Adventure Camp!!

How exciting that C won a FREE week at Adventure camp.  Of course, out of ALL the primary kids, she was the ONLY one who had 2 compulsory orchestra rehearsals that very week!! Needless to say, we made a total of 9 runs between camp and here during the week but it all worked out OK and she had a wild and wonderful time. Wants to go next year....we'll see if she wins again, ha ha!  Anyway, she has more pics from her own camera but these include a few I was able to take. This is a photo they gave C so here are the girls from her cabin, Oconee, and her counselor, Kaley.

This is the girl in charge of the girls, Christine.  I'm here to pick C up for rehearsal!

Taken in C's cabin during rest time.

Not too happy about leaving camp in the middle of fun stuff! 
Maybe I'll be able to add some of her pics later. Til then, see you later, alligator!

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