Friday, July 2, 2010

General Conference

Every five years our church gets together for a business meeting/campmeeting that lasts 10 days. People come from all over the world!  This year it was held in Atlanta, GA. I got to go on Thursday the 24th, Sabbath the 26th (when C played in the AWS orchestra for one of the music programmes) and now again tomorrow.  Here are a few snapshots of the experience.
This is on Thursday morning during a devotional service.

This is our FAMA meeting - Fellowship of Adventist Missionaries to Africa.  Nice to meet old friends here! The meeting was on Thursday morning.

Brother R in front of the Georgia Dome.

Thursday morning crowds (nothing compared to Sabbath!)

Atlanta was very accommodating to our group!

Here is the orchestra on Sabbath afternoon just after their performance.

Sabbath crowds.

C getting ready to play cello on Sabbath afternoon.

This is the spot (in center) where the orchestra played.
There'll be more pics from tomorrow, I'm sure.  Happy Sabbath!

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