Friday, June 29, 2012

Garden fruits - 2012

Well, you've seen some of the plants growing, now for some of the fruits...

Late May/Early June

This is what happens when a zucchini is hidden for a day or two.

Early July
Mid July after a week away.  (There are also green beans -  hidden by the Swiss Chard)
July 15


July 19

July 19

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A long weekend in the Smokeys - Townsend

Oh, we are so blessed!  A friend's friends let us stay in their amazing cabin in the mountains over a long weekend in June.  We cycled around Cades Cove, tubed down two rivers, ate lunch with other friends, ate at amazing restaurants and relaxed in the cool, verdant beauty of a mountain cabin.  Our friends, the F's, stayed in a hotel nearby.

This was our mountain, cabin view as we woke up each morning.
The King-size
The "Coke" room
The living room
The dining room

The queen-size

The cabin

Getting ready to cycle Cades Cove

Along the way


Spectacular valley views.

Showing us how they made baskets in the old days.
Oopseys!  A bicycle accident!
Uh-oh lady, did you see that sign to the right?!  She was conscious but concussed.  Taken out first by ambulance, then helicopter.  I pray she's all right now!

Lunch with friends in Walland
Picnic supper by the river and some tubing there.
We went down the Little River twice.  It was rather low for comfort but manageable.
Going for a hike on Monday.  Someone else saw a rattlesnake on the path....not us!
The children played in the water by some cascades.
A pristine little waterfall along the way.
Some of the many rhododendrons blooming everywhere!  What was surprising to me was to see them in full bloom!  I thought they'd have been done blooming by April or May!
Ghostly green pinchers coming out to get you!
And that was the end of a magical weekend in the Smokeys!  We had an awesome and unforgettable time!  Thanks bou-quos to the Cs for the use of your amazing cabin!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Christmas in May

Along the same lines as a previous post where we had blossoms in Autumn, here we have a "Christmas" Cactus blooming in May/June!  

May 28

May 28

June 2
 Wat gaat aan mense? (What's going on, people!)