Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer in S. Africa

Our most recent little "unlocal" trip involved an 8000 plus mile trip to Africa, - South Africa to be more specific. Spent a lovely 6 weeks there. Here are some pics of the time there. Some of them will be out of focus because I enlarged thumbnails here on the blog instead of importing them large. Unfortunately these are only but a teeny tiny representation of our trip and all the photos we took. Wish I could put more on but that would cause blogspot to crash :-)
Our plane from Atlanta to Jo'burg - 15+ hours NON-stop.  The 2nd longest non-stop flight in the world (at the time this is written)


Frangipanji Rhodesian flame lily Double hibiscus (both these) Flowering thorn tree.

Pawpaw ripening

Some kind of banyan tree?

An unusual rainbow, almost seeming to make a dent in the clouds.

At Umhlanga Rocks. A brilliant sunrise.

A little later


Ramsgate Beach
 "Our" Anerley Beach
Southport - some big waves

St. Michael's/Shelly Beach
Happy Birthday Lyn!
At cousin's beachfront condo.  As usual, C is upside down! L to R: Graham S, Dad, C, Lyn, Dylan, Doug and Nic. The other's were still changing or maybe visiting at the condo.
G and L kindly put us up for a night in 'Maritzburg.


Vervet Monkey Dung beetles Young male lion

Elephants Legavaan (sp?)

Wild bee swarm Elephant Croc and bird Hyena African hunting dog

Sheep Fruit bats Rhino Buffalo Zebra

Giraffe Chameleon

Waiting at the hide.

Vistas and hikes

Sani Pass Sani pass Hiking in the Drakensberg

Lunch break

Some places we stayed

On a farm Lake Navarone Navarone Imfolozi Game Pk

My parents' old house in 'Maritzburg
Looking through a telescope at my parents' old house from my cousins' house across the valley.

Other Stuff

Substitute cello scootering Parking meter Brick factory

The labels aren't lining up. Anyway, you can probably tell which goes to which.

Good news on our return - brother and family are back from London!! Hip hip.

Til next time