Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Frivolity

Our Christmas Cedar getting weighed down....

Family.  What are you describing, G?

Our Christmas party

2 kinds of soup, crackers, cheese, bread, fruit tray, nuts, sweets, drink, cookies etc.

Time to eat!

Wait! One more thing!

Thank you everyone for lovely presents!

So cozy with a roaring fire - no chestnuts though.

M guarding the loot

Looks like Santa already dropped by - a little early....

Our camera mugger

Little D and Da playing with presents.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Prep, 2012

Our Christmas tree this year was a Cedar we cut down in the back yard. It might have worked out OK except the stand was cracked and we couldn't water it...hence, it became dry and very prickly and started dropping little prickly "leaves" about a week after coming inside...Oh well, it WAS different!

Trimming the tree
The tree looking pretty


We have to wear gloves to put the trimming on!

D and D watching Father Christmas Santa Claus light the SAU Christmas tree.

Are we in tune?  Playing violin this year.

Getting settled for the programme

Little D took a photo of the wreath.  I kinda like the little candy canes in it.

More of Little D's photography handiwork

End of the programme

Little D was the only one to stand with Santa.  Yay for her!

LIttle D adding her bit to the tree.

Winter Garden

November 18.  Greens

Broccoli and brussel sprouts etc.  11/18.  Herb garden in background.

Covered red-leafed lettuce. 11/18

Compost pile ready to dig in somewhere.

A still-growing broccoli close-up. 11/19

After reaping 3 large heads - December 7.  I honestly couldn't believe this broccoli - haven't been able to grow it like this before! Thank you, God - - and it was delicious!

Collard Greens

Brussel Sprouts  11/19

The red lettuce does well in the cold


Various greens

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Quick trip to Arizona

D's very special day finally arrived and I was able to take a day off work and fly out for the big graduation from medical school.  Congrats, "sweet Dee"!   Maybe we'll have to change the name to "Dr. Dee" now!  Well done.  And even though there's another site for little J, I can't resist at least a few pics here!

My little man

D waiting for her turn

The class of 2012 - sorry my focus wasn't better!

I just can't say how proud we are of you, D, and all your hard work these past 4 years!

Happy little family.

Speech time!

The other grandparents...Lucky bums to live so close!

Behind D is her present from M - a lovely procedure/massage table. (notice J engrossed with the phone...)

Hi, precious J!  What a beautiful little boy you're growing into!