Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Prep, 2012

Our Christmas tree this year was a Cedar we cut down in the back yard. It might have worked out OK except the stand was cracked and we couldn't water it...hence, it became dry and very prickly and started dropping little prickly "leaves" about a week after coming inside...Oh well, it WAS different!

Trimming the tree
The tree looking pretty


We have to wear gloves to put the trimming on!

D and D watching Father Christmas Santa Claus light the SAU Christmas tree.

Are we in tune?  Playing violin this year.

Getting settled for the programme

Little D took a photo of the wreath.  I kinda like the little candy canes in it.

More of Little D's photography handiwork

End of the programme

Little D was the only one to stand with Santa.  Yay for her!

LIttle D adding her bit to the tree.

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