Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summary of 4 months

Here's a picture summary of some of our doings this summer/early autumn.
The big news - visitors from South Africa.  Welcome to America.

 Lookouts game (a losing proposition)

Lunchtime with some of the family

Lots of Scrabble with Mom (and sometimes Dad)

Lots of gardening

Almost 40 cantaloupe - I hate that the deer ate 8 - not so great!

Violin lessons

Canning - tomatoes, here.

Working on puzzles

Relaxing with friends - this is Rocky

A nephew's birthday party at a local lake.

Making peach jam - yes, it's delicious!  And we didn't even have to use High Fructose Corn Syrup!

A new haircut - bangs!

Teaching Daisy to jump through the hoop



This is what the deer did to ALL my watermelon!  Does anyone have a shotgun?

School starts

More scrabble!


A precious visitor from the west. My folk enjoyed their great grandson! (The rest of us enjoyed him too! - there'll be a whole blog post coming up on just his little precious self!)

Four generations.

Camping with the Pathfinders at Indian Boundary

There are 32 Friends altogether.

A family photo - always missing a few, though!

Autumn is starting to show itself.

Canoeing the Hiwassee - R, you just don't know how lucky you are to live by this river! Spoiled, that's what you are!

Time to say good-byes :-(

Another puzzle

An edible plants seminar

Pathfinder Induction night.

A - ten- HUT!!!!! (or something like that!)

You ARE a Friend, right?

Did you say your eyes were running?  We have a lovely crop of Goldenrod this year!

Our spider lily shows itself yet again.  We've only seen it three times in the last 7 years.

Can you grab that plane, little girl?  (actually it bumped into her moments later)
Plane hits girl.

Hay, you!

There's no shortage of pumpkins in TN this year.

FOL fall banquet - the food was excellent, as usual!

What happened to you, Sunny?  It's very red due to Mecurachrome. (antiseptic)

Apple Jelly made by yours truly.

Some great clouds today.

More clouds - storms coming, actually.

Here is the Samaritan Center barrel which I decorated for our Sunday Fall Festival - on Oct 16. (I suppose more will be forthcoming about that later).

Tomorrow is Nerd Day at school.  I think this looks more like Hillbilly day, but that's just my opinion! :0  Hey, here in Tennessee, all nerds are already hillbillys anyway, ha ha!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Addition to the Israel blogs

Found this great audio by David Asscherick on the Israel story.  He brought out some very interesting aspects of "Israel" that I hadn't thought of.    or let me add the link here:  David Asscherick's mp3 on Israel