Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thought I'd add a quick little blog here including photos of some handy dandy inventions I like. You may have seen them circulating the web but I'm here to perpetuate good ideas...as you already know.(TIC) - Just made that up by the way: Tongue In Cheek - another invention by Yours Truly.

OK, now that the formalities are over with, here are said photos:
This is one I often conceived of during Cape Winters when the rain was driven sideways. Come on you fellow Kaapenaars, don't tell me you didn't wish for one of these!

This might be an eyesore, but necessity must come first! Whether you have a cold, or suffer from numerous allergies (like some farm chick I know!), this might be just what you need - always there when you need some!

Please remember to keep this stick of butter in the fridge when not in use! Just melts on your corn, your hot toast, whatever you're spreading...Handy, huh?

Well, that's all for now, folk. There were some others but I think these were the best - my professional opinion.

Take a bow!

Applause fades out....


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Alumni and Anniversary

Here's the weekly photo from my "new" virtual webcam....Hope you like it.

So, this week included our anniversary (thank you thank you). I have to give a good deal of the credit to my hubby - yes, applause is appropriate.

I've decided to do the weekly (if we're lucky) blog on Saturday nights from now on. The only problem tonight is a very slow computer and one which has not downloaded the photos in a timely manner - so as of right now, I've spent an HOUR getting the photos to this account in order to eventually put them on this blog! Never mind still writing the blog....So please forgive (don't cheer too loudly) if I don't write much and just put photos with short captions...

Blogspot, if you're listening, could you make it so that when we download photos, they come in directly where our cursor is and not always at the top? (Yeah, like they read these, ha ha, what was I thinking??!!)

So this weekend has been/is alumni here at SAU. Of course the annual rain came in on Friday....but today cleared up a bit and it really wasn't too cold. Church was lovely this morning - organ and orchestra - Saint Saens and Guilmant - makes one's blood shiver and shake and sermon by Pastor Rogers from years past. We then had a potluck lunch followed by department get-togethers. As usual, hubby likes to join the physics and biology people in Hickman. For supper we joined S's special honor class "banquet" in the president's banquet hall (ah, the honor!). After supper came the gym-masters alumni show and we got to watch niece, H, flying and twirling near the rafters...We left at 9pm for beddie-byes.

I have to rewind a little to Friday morning. It was Grandparent's day at AWS. They had a musical programme at 10am where C played cello (the Little Trio) in the orchestra (2 movements, mind you!!),

and then quickly moved over to the violins to play 3 pieces with them

(Allegro, Go Tell Aunty Rhody; and of course the Twinkle first variation so the beginner's could join them). You'll just have bring out the magnifying glasses to spot her. We then got to hear all the K-4 classes do their thing in the choirs - very cute. Anyway, so that was that. We missed C's grandparents as Grandpa J had some health issues - we missed you this alumni, G and G! Sorry you couldn't make it up. People were asking about you! We gave them all the details (just kidding! - we DO believe in HIPA, ha ha).

G and J came down from Indiana this w/e. We had them over for supper on Friday night and it was nice to catch up. H made it too but R was feeling sick.

Last week I told you we would be visiting the lifesize tabernacle. Here are a few pictures of that. Here are S and C waiting at the last waiting station - on chairs, yay!.

In the Holy Place - the altar of incense.(ignore the loudspeaker...)

In the Most Holy Place. GREAT explanation of all that went on there in the earthly and also what is going on there right now in heaven. Enlightening to see it lifesize.

Obviously these aren't in order but here is the outer court yard. The size of the altar of sacrifice and the laver (not in photo), surprised us. He had someone from the audience come and demonstrate confessing his sin over the lamb and then killing it himself. Poignant, as our sins killed Jesus, the Lamb of God.
It was a very good programme - although we did wait and wait and WAIT to finally go through the tour! I won't even tell you how long, except to say they had the most crowds EVER for one day, the day we went through!! (about 1000 people, I hear, going through in groups of 50). Tomorrow is their last day here.

On Monday, S got a bee in his bonnet and we headed off to Buck Bald on the NC border. It was a lovely day and the views from up there were ASTOUNDING.

On the way back we stopped at some dam. I can't give you the name of it...you'll understand why in a minute.
Oh, d

Oh, did I say I had the dreaded root canal that morning? Oh, I didn't? What an oversight. Needless to say, on this particular trip, S had to buy otc Ibuprofen and 2 icecold cans of soda (a couple hours apart)to hold against my cheek. The cans helped, the Ibuprofen did nothing. Later that evening my saint of a hubby went out and filled the prescription for Lortab (didn't do anything either, but OH WELL). The next day was great and no pain since. I'm all for root canals now (except that the crown broke this morning - ugghh). No END of excitement, is there?

Tomorrow it's up to LBA for the annual FOL banquet. We're just so busy, as you can see!! (If there's food involved, we're there - RIGHT ON TIME!).

Well, so much for less writing....guess I had a bit of ranting, uh.... news to share with ya'll.

Take care til next time...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break

Yes, it was Fall break this week starting Wednesday. Play, play and more play....

Another view of the house taken a week later than the last one. Perhaps I'll indulge you with a weekly progress photo of this particular view. Sort of like a weekly webcam...except the webcam-master will have to put a marker on the path to get the exact positioning.

Here's a closeup of Bubu testing out the front garden for safety and comfort. Actually, if truth be known, he LOVES having his tummy rubbed and was here hinting in a very subtle fashion, as you can see.

Caught C in mid-air. I've discovered this is a good way to do math, history and lots of other aural/oral stuff! Kinda kills two birds with one stone - in a fun way. (What a horrible analogy, by the way - who thought up that one?)

This past week Adventurers had a picnic at the Rivermaze near the Ocoee River, then went through the maze IN THE DARK. Thanks to yours truly's abilities with the map,:-) we navigated safely through with no major backtracking! (I have to brag a little, you know...) We were in a group of about 10 others and most of us had flashlights. They sent us in small groups since our particular church group numbered about 50 or more.

The maze was behind the camera - not the corn in the background.

We really appreciated the fire when the sun set.

The next day we joined the church fall picnic and Ad and C were the first to use the special roped off parking area for biking and scootering, etc. As the time went by and more and more kids showed up, I started counting the seconds before a major collision occurred. Fortunately we were spared the sight!

And last but not least, a photo S sent over. I think from a month or two ago.

Brother is still trying for a job in recession-hit UK! Still no luck. At least they have a car now which they can use to get to and from job interviews. Pray for them, please!

Well, I'm rather uninspired tonight and to be honest, very thirsty!! So I'll go now and get a drink before I whither/wither away....

Next time I hope to tell you all about the life size Tabernacle which will be in Chattanooga this whole week!! I'm very excited about it. I hope they let us take pictures.

Cheers for now and happy Sabbath.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Another week has flown by. We had some lovely, soaking rain this week, and our fall colours are starting to dazzle the eyes (separate events!). This photo was taken a day or two BEFORE the rain so you can see how dry it is.
You can compare this photo with one taken more or less a year ago, I think. (I'll have to check myself!)

As you know, things are shaking up in the economic world, which of course, will soon impact other aspects of life...freedoms, security, mobility etc. Let's not forget to put our riches in a place where thieves will not steal, nor moths eat, or where it rots from rust. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matt 6:19-21. "Be still, and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10. Remember who is behind this upheaval (the evil one), and lean only on the "Rock of Salvation", not on human devisings.

Here is another quote from EGW, from her book "Education" p.260:

Many, even in their seasons of devotion, fail of receiving the blessing of real communion with God. They are in too great haste. With hurried steps they press through the circle of Christ's loving presence, pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts, but not waiting for counsel. They have no time to remain with the divine Teacher. With their burdens they return to their work"

Perhaps we are worried, shaken up and consumed by fear of future woes because we haven't drunk from the fountain of Christ and absorbed His peace. Just a thought.

Another quote, same author, another source, R&H magazine August 2, 1881:
Is it necessary that the terrors of the day of God be held before us to compel us through fear to right action? This ought not to be. Jesus is attractive. He is full of love, mercy and compassion. He proposes to be our friend".

And now for something different:

Although many of you would think of this animal as a glorified rat, please, for a moment, put aside your prejudices and consider this cute, peaceful and utterly adorable Opossum, one of my favourite wild animals in the States. Isn't he/she sweet? (Photo taken at Aquarium last week at a programme on nocturnal animals). They don't live much beyond 3 years, poor things - I think they have too many predators. And guess what? they don't get rabies because their body temperatures are too low to incubate it. Google them sometime - you'll end up loving them!

Here is C in orchestra (closest to camera - sectional, so taking a break!):

The teacher was doing some sectional practice, so things were slightly rearranged from normal in these photos. I'll try to be normal myself and get some 'normal' pictures next time!!

Here is C at piano practice. Don't ask about the glasses - I don't know myself! (she's never heard of that blind guy, what's his name? Stevie Ray?).

And for the homesick people in the UK, here is Bubu, settling in nicely. He sure does like the high shelves. So cute the way he RUNS to you for a cuddle.

And lastly, just so you know what we do with naughty children here, this cage seems to work nicely but only if one locks the gate - and only if one has really FAT children).

So peace be to you all this week. Trust in your Creator - He didn't allow you, special one, to crawl out of slime, to compete and mutate your way to becoming human. You are made in the image of God from the start.

God bless on this memorial of creation, rest and salvation - the Sabbath.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Farewells, Field Trips and Conference

Wow, what a full week this was. The most recent occurrence was the very successful completion of our CHADD fundraiser Conference this past Thursday evening with Dr. Barkley. His 3 hour presentation was awesome and very enlightening! Wouldn't have missed it for anything. We had a good turnout and everything seemed to go smoothly. The only thing we seemed to have forgotten was to arrange for drinking water at the podium but thankfully Dr. Barkley thought of that ahead of time and was able to get some from a vending machine. (You don't want an open jug near a computer!) I didn't get a photo of him unfortunately - was too busy here and there - but did get some of us setting up the registration area,
and a couple of our posters up front.

And now for the sad farewells. Here are some photos of the family as they prepare to leave. These were taken on Sabbath although they did also stop by Monday and Tuesday to drop off a few things and say good-bye.

By the way - we're enjoying your trampoline a LOT. We'll have to send a photo of that next time...Perfect for the ADHD set, ha ha.(We won't say who the "set" is - our little secret...)

Well, on Monday we took a trip to Antarctica but were severely under-dressed. The girls here shivered and shook but seemed to survive OK.

Fortunately right after that we were able to "fly" to the tropics and warm up. These two macaws are a 'hoot'. They were squabbling with each other when I walked up so I held up my finger and said: "No, - no fighting! Stop that!" in a stern voice, waggling my finger at them. Well, they immediately stopped and "eyed" me very demurely and meekly. Wish I had that respect elsewhere, julle! ("y'all")

On Sunday A, C and I went to a local Gymkhana. Here are M and H getting ready for an obstacle race of some kind. They both did well and received several ribbons, including blue ones! What beautiful autumn weather we're having!

And last, but not least, our surprise spider lily popped up again this year and along with it - another 2 blooms! They do spread so we might have a real little patch here before long.

Here is an alert to everybody: I am not available for anything after Sunday. (I DID say "yes" to someone for Sunday even though it was going to be a "free" day!!!). But after that - "NO!!" Would someone please broadcast that for me? (since I seem incapable of actually making that announcement myself! grrrr)

Have a great week.