Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thought I'd add a quick little blog here including photos of some handy dandy inventions I like. You may have seen them circulating the web but I'm here to perpetuate good ideas...as you already know.(TIC) - Just made that up by the way: Tongue In Cheek - another invention by Yours Truly.

OK, now that the formalities are over with, here are said photos:
This is one I often conceived of during Cape Winters when the rain was driven sideways. Come on you fellow Kaapenaars, don't tell me you didn't wish for one of these!

This might be an eyesore, but necessity must come first! Whether you have a cold, or suffer from numerous allergies (like some farm chick I know!), this might be just what you need - always there when you need some!

Please remember to keep this stick of butter in the fridge when not in use! Just melts on your corn, your hot toast, whatever you're spreading...Handy, huh?

Well, that's all for now, folk. There were some others but I think these were the best - my professional opinion.

Take a bow!

Applause fades out....



  1. TOO STINKING FUNNY!! Unfortunately, if you have driving-sideways rain, your little plastic thingy is going to blow in the rain. You'd need a weight around the bottom. Good idea though. AND, that very cool hat invention for the allergy impaired (thanks for the reference, feel free to link) is hysterical! And I'd totally go for the butter stick. I am that impulse shopper person who would pick it up - just because.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Hey, you're welcome. I'll definitely oblige with more inventions when I come across them! Anything to help suffering humanity...

  3. Thank you for the early morning laughs. I just spent three hours looking up housing for rent in the country and I needed something light. I'm going back to bed before the baby wakes up. Thank the Lord there're no plans today and the other children are by their grandparents.

  4. Hey Leuanna,
    I'll be thinking of you in your search for a good place in the country. I suppose you're looking for something near Hyattsville? Since you had been searching for 3 hours I take it it's not an easy quest! I'm sure God will lead you to a good place though!
    Well, I've added your site to my "other blogs". Hope you don't mind. I think you have some GREAT links!
    Enjoy your respite from the older kids...
    Keep us updated.