Friday, October 3, 2008

Farewells, Field Trips and Conference

Wow, what a full week this was. The most recent occurrence was the very successful completion of our CHADD fundraiser Conference this past Thursday evening with Dr. Barkley. His 3 hour presentation was awesome and very enlightening! Wouldn't have missed it for anything. We had a good turnout and everything seemed to go smoothly. The only thing we seemed to have forgotten was to arrange for drinking water at the podium but thankfully Dr. Barkley thought of that ahead of time and was able to get some from a vending machine. (You don't want an open jug near a computer!) I didn't get a photo of him unfortunately - was too busy here and there - but did get some of us setting up the registration area,
and a couple of our posters up front.

And now for the sad farewells. Here are some photos of the family as they prepare to leave. These were taken on Sabbath although they did also stop by Monday and Tuesday to drop off a few things and say good-bye.

By the way - we're enjoying your trampoline a LOT. We'll have to send a photo of that next time...Perfect for the ADHD set, ha ha.(We won't say who the "set" is - our little secret...)

Well, on Monday we took a trip to Antarctica but were severely under-dressed. The girls here shivered and shook but seemed to survive OK.

Fortunately right after that we were able to "fly" to the tropics and warm up. These two macaws are a 'hoot'. They were squabbling with each other when I walked up so I held up my finger and said: "No, - no fighting! Stop that!" in a stern voice, waggling my finger at them. Well, they immediately stopped and "eyed" me very demurely and meekly. Wish I had that respect elsewhere, julle! ("y'all")

On Sunday A, C and I went to a local Gymkhana. Here are M and H getting ready for an obstacle race of some kind. They both did well and received several ribbons, including blue ones! What beautiful autumn weather we're having!

And last, but not least, our surprise spider lily popped up again this year and along with it - another 2 blooms! They do spread so we might have a real little patch here before long.

Here is an alert to everybody: I am not available for anything after Sunday. (I DID say "yes" to someone for Sunday even though it was going to be a "free" day!!!). But after that - "NO!!" Would someone please broadcast that for me? (since I seem incapable of actually making that announcement myself! grrrr)

Have a great week.


  1. Okay - I won't ask you to do anything. I will respect your boundaries more than I obviously respect my own. You sound as busy as I feel!! Hope this week goes well for you!

  2. I think you and I seem to be a lot alike, LOL!!