Friday, September 26, 2008

Mystery Solved; Ships and Planes

The mystery of the wild animal is solved. (See Sept 5 blog)

So it WAS a bear after all!

Here is the CHE Home Ec. project they did this week: Ship-a-Fruit.

A scene from violin group last Wednesday. Getting arranged.

Some car entertainment inspired by the Olympics.

Since I'm on the phone right now....(wow - multi-tasking....Sorry Ch!)am not writing too much. Just the usual stuff this week, nothing unusual.

Will do more next time. Sad that R&C are actually leaving on Tuesday. Heading by Air India to the UK. Our desperate measures have not hurried things on enough. But all things are in God's hands....

They'll be here for an "oulaas" lunch and visit tomorrow. Pray for them. Actually, maybe they'll be leaving the US just in time as the economy crashes for real behind them. We all need to rely on God to supply our needs - our own work might not cut it from now on. It will be a learning and growing experience for all of us.

Til next time...

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