Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Week of September

Well SOMEONE'S relaxed and smiling! Our schoolhouse regular! Every time I ring the school bell, she's the first one at the door, just leaping, slobbering, whining and scratching to get in - a very good example to all the other students! Yes, my baby, a model student. You get an 'A' for the week. Precious.

This is my baby when she was a few months old

Just cannot come up with a good title to describe this past week. Maybe "a bit of everything" would do. For a little background history, I volunteer on the Board of Directors of the local chapter of the non-profit group: CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD). On October the 2nd, we are bringing Dr. Russell Barkley to Chattanooga for a seminar - a leading researcher and author in the field of autism, ADHD and probably other mental disorders. Bringing someone of this caliber into town requires some preparation, planning and footwork. I've been doing some of the latter lately. Nuff said....Our greatly capable coordinator, who by the way, was just elected the NATIONAL CHADD VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR, (Yay Pamper!!) is the most hardworking among us so I will not mention ANY more that I do - it pales in comparison!!

Here are a couple butterflies from our Callaway visit 2 weeks ago.

Then, tomorrow, the community orchestra I play cello in, the ETSO, is performing our outdoor Fall concert. It wouldn't be so bad rehearsing almost every night this past week, but the music is tough (at least for me) including Brahm's Symphony #1 in c minor. The other two pieces are Brahm's Academic Festival Overture and Tchaikovsky's Violin concerto in D, Opus 35, which are both a bit easier. Not really your usual "Pops in the Park" but hopefully enjoyable to our esteemed outdoor audience. The programme starts at 7pm if anyone would like to join us!

C's orchestra experience is getting better and better as the music becomes more familiar (except when we get new music and have to, horror of horrors, SIGHT READ). The beginner orchestra is packed into its little room. I think they have 27 or so in it now and really need a larger space. It's stressing out the conductor!

And now today (starting last evening) poor C is suffering from a fever of 103 and, earlier, a sore throat. We're hoping it's a one day thing! Sadly, we missed SS and church, and also the special biking excursion along the Riverpark with the Adventurers. We were secretly hoping it would rain so they'd have to postpone and she'd get to go another day....but no, it was a beautiful sunny day today. (We're BAD, aren't we?).

Got to call Aletheia this week. It was nice to talk with Aunty K. and catch up on some news from that side. Hope your back improves soon, A.K.

R&C are packing up and selling stuff. Will be moving to the UK in just over 2 weeks! VERY SAD - though we wish them all the best. Hey world - hire this man - he can do anything, invent anything, manufacture anything, build anything; he's entrepreneurial, hardworking, loyal, - a people person - HE'S YOUR MAN!!! He will be worth millions to you - and I'm NOT making this up, people!

Well, now I'm going to see if I can find any photos to go with this blog....maybe some of baby Ca whom we visited on Thursday, now going on 9 months old!

Little Ca is cutting teeth - ouch!

Bye til next time!!

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