Sunday, August 31, 2008

Callaway Balloons

Since I deleted these photos from the blogs and (I thought) copied them... somewhere....I haven't been able to locate all of them, hence all the blank spots here and in the other blogs of 2008 and 2007.  I'll keep working on it!

The lake at Callaway

This Labour Day weekend we decided to use up a couple coupons for free hotel nights. The closest available was in Columbus, Georgia. Great, we thought, we'll visit Callaway Gardens on Sabbath. Later we found out it was the annual Hot Air Balloon festival so we got a double treat.

Some of them were hard to hold on to!!
Some of them got away! Right after this picture, the basket banged into the tree! Fortunately no-one was hurt but I think the pilot paid more attention after that, and C tried harder to hold onto them!

Here are some more photos around the gardens.

These muscadines were as delicious as they look! We had a wonderful chat with the gardener who told us all about them and some future plans for the Callaway Vegetable garden.

We visited this lovely chapel but decided not to wait an hour for the organ recital.

Two love birds sitting on the bridge to happiness.

These next ones will have to wait to be enlarged. This is taking a long time!!

G and J came down to visit this w/e. We'll see them tomorrow since we were away.
R is also bringing my car down which he nicely fixed for me! Thanks, R! They're going to be leaving for the UK in a month since their immigration papers have been held up by who-knows-what! But hey, I'm proud of them for doing it the legal way!
More updates later...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dog (Cat) Days

of summer. Not much going on this past week except for a couple "opening" 'picnics' - one for Adventurers and one for our CHE co-op. We also had our first violin group on Wednesday and cello group on Thursday.

What are you dreaming about Bud?
SO hard to be a prisoner

Buddy has to wear a bib for drooling

What a sweet boy is Booboo!  Always happy for a snuggle, just like Bud.

And you're a sweet girl too!
Question for the week: Will America come to economic collapse in the next few weeks? We are hearing about it... How easy it is to continue as we are and to bury our heads in the sand. But we know that life as we know it will not continue on as it is now forever - God is about to wrap things up and has warned us in the Bible that things will not be pleasant on the earth just before His coming, as He withdraws His protection and allows the devil to have his complete way. Don't lose hope during this time. Remember the Israelites and how God brought them through one thing and another until they eventually reached the promised land.

Let us run the race set before us and not be slackers. The Olympics have shown us how much preparation and discipline is needed before reaching that level. Spiritually we need to be prepared too - to practice being completely surrendered to our "General" Jesus and to practice living by faith during the most trying and tough times of earth's history.

Pray, pray, pray!! Here is a quote:

"We do not value the power and efficacy of prayer as we should. Prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish" from the book,Prayer, by E. G. White, p.83.

Not much news this week. Happy Sabbath!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to Olympics, uh....School

This is what I did last week instead of the blog:
I hope it works, Aunty K!

Yes, it's the Olympics 2008, as you all know. We've had special dispensation every evening to stay up and watch. Last night was the Women's Individual All Around Gymnastics competition which was well worth the 1:15am bedtime (for me only, of course)! A hard-earned 1-2 for the Americans - they deserved it. Phelps, the bionic swimmer-man has been fun to watch too.

So - given that we're having late nights, we're not quite on our school schedule exactly yet, but amazingly, have gotten most everything done every day. We've even managed to get to the pool about 3 times this week. C and Ad practiced their "synchronised jumping" off the edge of the pool.

On Thursday we had our first nursing class. As expected, the theory part wasn't so interesting - but the practical was fun - until the dog chewed up the thermometer!

(In case you didn't recognize her, that's Heidi, Mom - looks like she needs the ER, doesn't it?)

Mom and Dad J arrived on Monday evening then left again Thursday morning for Arkansas to visit P&K. Wish we could have gone, but several appointments prevented our going. We're still trying to work it out to go this summer. The folk will return next week for a day or two before heading back to Florida. Wish they lived close by! (as too, the RSA folk!).

We've been having some hot, dry weather this week but have been harvesting a lot of cantaloupe, ochra, green beans, some cucumber, red bell pepper, tomatoes, tomatillas etc. Watermelon and Honeydew are coming along really well. Finally pulled up the corn and will use the husks for our fall decorations. S has planted more winter squash and will use the corn rows for fall/winter things like greens. C is now officially "sick of tomatoes". I'll remind her of that come winter when all we have to eat are GMO green-picked tasteless red-things.

Sunday brought our first cello lesson of the new school year and we're working on Humoresque. The idea is to play it slowly and elegantly...

Well, my Sanctuary studies are continuing and I'm continuing to learn things. Will have to share them sometime. Am also studying the Bible with a friend and enjoying it immensely. Friend, CAM, and I are scheming to start a weekly study at her office and invite any interested persons to join us. I'll keep you updated.

Til later...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fleas and Peas

August is here and along with it, lots of those abominable little creatures called fleas. Can anyone tell me what purpose they have in life? Do they do any good? (as with ticks). By the way, a good way to dispose of them is with sticky-tape. (That's my little helpful hint of the week).

Last Sabbath we joined the LBA family for fellowship and a nice hot walk which somehow, inexplicably ended up at the blueberry patch...Yum yum! That was a good part of supper.

A and C have been constant pals this week, seeming to play non-stop. They're having a good time before school starts in less than 2 weeks. Suddenly C wants to do nursing this school year. We're done with the world wars - she found that too ugly and gruesome and it wasn't quite as glamorous as she thought it would be!!
(thank you, nice spell checker....)

We didn't get much swimming in this week - it rained almost every afternoon and A had a chesty cough but they did get some in on Sunday. All the rain is helping to split the tomatoes and we can't eat them fast enough.

Not much news this week. S flew to Charlotte, NC for a day but other than that have pretty much been homebodies. We're picking a lot in the garden now - WAY too many tomatoes to eat fresh, for one thing! We've been giving a lot of them away too. Our vegie picking list is now: corn (near the end), carrots, red bell peppers, green beans, jalepeno peppers for S, tomatoes, ochra, zucchini, melon, herbs, some swiss chard (a little hot for it now but it'll revive), beetroot, tomatilla and cucumber. It is lovely to have fresh stuff, I have to say.

Anyhoo, that's it for this week. I'm sure there are some more mundane details but it's not good for you to fall asleep at your computer....

Here's a flashback to our California trip. L and C - intrepid explorers...

Happy Sabbath!