Sunday, August 31, 2008

Callaway Balloons

Since I deleted these photos from the blogs and (I thought) copied them... somewhere....I haven't been able to locate all of them, hence all the blank spots here and in the other blogs of 2008 and 2007.  I'll keep working on it!

The lake at Callaway

This Labour Day weekend we decided to use up a couple coupons for free hotel nights. The closest available was in Columbus, Georgia. Great, we thought, we'll visit Callaway Gardens on Sabbath. Later we found out it was the annual Hot Air Balloon festival so we got a double treat.

Some of them were hard to hold on to!!
Some of them got away! Right after this picture, the basket banged into the tree! Fortunately no-one was hurt but I think the pilot paid more attention after that, and C tried harder to hold onto them!

Here are some more photos around the gardens.

These muscadines were as delicious as they look! We had a wonderful chat with the gardener who told us all about them and some future plans for the Callaway Vegetable garden.

We visited this lovely chapel but decided not to wait an hour for the organ recital.

Two love birds sitting on the bridge to happiness.

These next ones will have to wait to be enlarged. This is taking a long time!!

G and J came down to visit this w/e. We'll see them tomorrow since we were away.
R is also bringing my car down which he nicely fixed for me! Thanks, R! They're going to be leaving for the UK in a month since their immigration papers have been held up by who-knows-what! But hey, I'm proud of them for doing it the legal way!
More updates later...

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