Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to Olympics, uh....School

This is what I did last week instead of the blog:
I hope it works, Aunty K!

Yes, it's the Olympics 2008, as you all know. We've had special dispensation every evening to stay up and watch. Last night was the Women's Individual All Around Gymnastics competition which was well worth the 1:15am bedtime (for me only, of course)! A hard-earned 1-2 for the Americans - they deserved it. Phelps, the bionic swimmer-man has been fun to watch too.

So - given that we're having late nights, we're not quite on our school schedule exactly yet, but amazingly, have gotten most everything done every day. We've even managed to get to the pool about 3 times this week. C and Ad practiced their "synchronised jumping" off the edge of the pool.

On Thursday we had our first nursing class. As expected, the theory part wasn't so interesting - but the practical was fun - until the dog chewed up the thermometer!

(In case you didn't recognize her, that's Heidi, Mom - looks like she needs the ER, doesn't it?)

Mom and Dad J arrived on Monday evening then left again Thursday morning for Arkansas to visit P&K. Wish we could have gone, but several appointments prevented our going. We're still trying to work it out to go this summer. The folk will return next week for a day or two before heading back to Florida. Wish they lived close by! (as too, the RSA folk!).

We've been having some hot, dry weather this week but have been harvesting a lot of cantaloupe, ochra, green beans, some cucumber, red bell pepper, tomatoes, tomatillas etc. Watermelon and Honeydew are coming along really well. Finally pulled up the corn and will use the husks for our fall decorations. S has planted more winter squash and will use the corn rows for fall/winter things like greens. C is now officially "sick of tomatoes". I'll remind her of that come winter when all we have to eat are GMO green-picked tasteless red-things.

Sunday brought our first cello lesson of the new school year and we're working on Humoresque. The idea is to play it slowly and elegantly...

Well, my Sanctuary studies are continuing and I'm continuing to learn things. Will have to share them sometime. Am also studying the Bible with a friend and enjoying it immensely. Friend, CAM, and I are scheming to start a weekly study at her office and invite any interested persons to join us. I'll keep you updated.

Til later...

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