Friday, May 25, 2012

Fruits setting on, garden growing.

The garden is beginning to fruit... Trusting God to finish what He has begun, barring of course, our interference!
Zucchini flowering
Flowers June 1

Summer squash coming on


Bell peppers
Bell peppers June 1

Pole beans

Pole beans continued.
Pole Beans June 1

Herb garden
Herb Garden June 1

Zucchini flower.
Cantaloupe June 1

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More gardening stuff - keep checking back - last updated Sept 16

I DID say I was going to update soon, didn't I?  Well, life has been getting in the way....Here are some updated photos:
Taken Friday May 4

Taken Friday May 11  (1 week later)

Garden Friday May 18

Garden, Friday May 25

Garden Friday June 1
Garden June 10

Garden June 25

July 8

Sunday, July 15 (after picking all the ripe tomatoes!)

                                        Monday, July 23

                                       Monday,  August 20

September 9, 2012

Sept 16, 2012

Potato plant, May 4

Potato plant May 18
Asparagus May 11
Some climbing roses May 4

Zucchini (with Butternut interspersed) May 4
Zucchini May 11
Zucchini May 18
Zucchini May 25
Herb garden May 25?
Herb garden June 1

Herb garden plus...July 15
Sunny - you're sick!  (Really! - Upper respiratory tract infection....)

Zucchini June 1 (Harvesting already)

2 of the zucchinis June 14  (Russian?)

Zucchini and green beans June 14

Cantaloupe June 25

Cantaloupe July 23
So far we've eaten about 35 cantaloupe and more are on the way.

It's hard to keep up with them!

Watermelon July 23

The biggest one.

Pole bean flowers - a hopeful sign....June 14
(Update August 1 - Our fridge is overflowing with beans...holler if you need any!)
Green beans! (etc) (June)
The Corn is getting tall, June 14

Corn harvest, mid-July