Saturday, October 25, 2008

Alumni and Anniversary

Here's the weekly photo from my "new" virtual webcam....Hope you like it.

So, this week included our anniversary (thank you thank you). I have to give a good deal of the credit to my hubby - yes, applause is appropriate.

I've decided to do the weekly (if we're lucky) blog on Saturday nights from now on. The only problem tonight is a very slow computer and one which has not downloaded the photos in a timely manner - so as of right now, I've spent an HOUR getting the photos to this account in order to eventually put them on this blog! Never mind still writing the blog....So please forgive (don't cheer too loudly) if I don't write much and just put photos with short captions...

Blogspot, if you're listening, could you make it so that when we download photos, they come in directly where our cursor is and not always at the top? (Yeah, like they read these, ha ha, what was I thinking??!!)

So this weekend has been/is alumni here at SAU. Of course the annual rain came in on Friday....but today cleared up a bit and it really wasn't too cold. Church was lovely this morning - organ and orchestra - Saint Saens and Guilmant - makes one's blood shiver and shake and sermon by Pastor Rogers from years past. We then had a potluck lunch followed by department get-togethers. As usual, hubby likes to join the physics and biology people in Hickman. For supper we joined S's special honor class "banquet" in the president's banquet hall (ah, the honor!). After supper came the gym-masters alumni show and we got to watch niece, H, flying and twirling near the rafters...We left at 9pm for beddie-byes.

I have to rewind a little to Friday morning. It was Grandparent's day at AWS. They had a musical programme at 10am where C played cello (the Little Trio) in the orchestra (2 movements, mind you!!),

and then quickly moved over to the violins to play 3 pieces with them

(Allegro, Go Tell Aunty Rhody; and of course the Twinkle first variation so the beginner's could join them). You'll just have bring out the magnifying glasses to spot her. We then got to hear all the K-4 classes do their thing in the choirs - very cute. Anyway, so that was that. We missed C's grandparents as Grandpa J had some health issues - we missed you this alumni, G and G! Sorry you couldn't make it up. People were asking about you! We gave them all the details (just kidding! - we DO believe in HIPA, ha ha).

G and J came down from Indiana this w/e. We had them over for supper on Friday night and it was nice to catch up. H made it too but R was feeling sick.

Last week I told you we would be visiting the lifesize tabernacle. Here are a few pictures of that. Here are S and C waiting at the last waiting station - on chairs, yay!.

In the Holy Place - the altar of incense.(ignore the loudspeaker...)

In the Most Holy Place. GREAT explanation of all that went on there in the earthly and also what is going on there right now in heaven. Enlightening to see it lifesize.

Obviously these aren't in order but here is the outer court yard. The size of the altar of sacrifice and the laver (not in photo), surprised us. He had someone from the audience come and demonstrate confessing his sin over the lamb and then killing it himself. Poignant, as our sins killed Jesus, the Lamb of God.
It was a very good programme - although we did wait and wait and WAIT to finally go through the tour! I won't even tell you how long, except to say they had the most crowds EVER for one day, the day we went through!! (about 1000 people, I hear, going through in groups of 50). Tomorrow is their last day here.

On Monday, S got a bee in his bonnet and we headed off to Buck Bald on the NC border. It was a lovely day and the views from up there were ASTOUNDING.

On the way back we stopped at some dam. I can't give you the name of'll understand why in a minute.
Oh, d

Oh, did I say I had the dreaded root canal that morning? Oh, I didn't? What an oversight. Needless to say, on this particular trip, S had to buy otc Ibuprofen and 2 icecold cans of soda (a couple hours apart)to hold against my cheek. The cans helped, the Ibuprofen did nothing. Later that evening my saint of a hubby went out and filled the prescription for Lortab (didn't do anything either, but OH WELL). The next day was great and no pain since. I'm all for root canals now (except that the crown broke this morning - ugghh). No END of excitement, is there?

Tomorrow it's up to LBA for the annual FOL banquet. We're just so busy, as you can see!! (If there's food involved, we're there - RIGHT ON TIME!).

Well, so much for less writing....guess I had a bit of ranting, uh.... news to share with ya'll.

Take care til next time...


  1. Busy life - and lots of fun stuff! Love the life-size tabernacle idea. I've thought about doing that (visiting one, I mean). Haven't found one to see yet. Very cool. Sorry about the whole dentist thing. I'm not a big dentist fan. But dentists LOVE me. My mouth is big enough for 6 of them to work in there at the same time, and there's LOTS to do - ka-ching! Happy, happy dentist.

  2. So dentists seem a little gleeful to you too? Aren't they're so cheerful, especially when coming closer with that dreaded needle...?
    This last one almost had me rolling out of the chair with laughter - I'm serious - and I promise, no "laughing gas"! He had played string bass with me in the SAU orchestra and had me and the nurse in fits recounting some funny experiences! Of course I could do nothing but laugh. Next time I'm going to be armed - a pen and notepad to respond!!