Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Break

Yes, it was Fall break this week starting Wednesday. Play, play and more play....

Another view of the house taken a week later than the last one. Perhaps I'll indulge you with a weekly progress photo of this particular view. Sort of like a weekly webcam...except the webcam-master will have to put a marker on the path to get the exact positioning.

Here's a closeup of Bubu testing out the front garden for safety and comfort. Actually, if truth be known, he LOVES having his tummy rubbed and was here hinting in a very subtle fashion, as you can see.

Caught C in mid-air. I've discovered this is a good way to do math, history and lots of other aural/oral stuff! Kinda kills two birds with one stone - in a fun way. (What a horrible analogy, by the way - who thought up that one?)

This past week Adventurers had a picnic at the Rivermaze near the Ocoee River, then went through the maze IN THE DARK. Thanks to yours truly's abilities with the map,:-) we navigated safely through with no major backtracking! (I have to brag a little, you know...) We were in a group of about 10 others and most of us had flashlights. They sent us in small groups since our particular church group numbered about 50 or more.

The maze was behind the camera - not the corn in the background.

We really appreciated the fire when the sun set.

The next day we joined the church fall picnic and Ad and C were the first to use the special roped off parking area for biking and scootering, etc. As the time went by and more and more kids showed up, I started counting the seconds before a major collision occurred. Fortunately we were spared the sight!

And last but not least, a photo S sent over. I think from a month or two ago.

Brother is still trying for a job in recession-hit UK! Still no luck. At least they have a car now which they can use to get to and from job interviews. Pray for them, please!

Well, I'm rather uninspired tonight and to be honest, very thirsty!! So I'll go now and get a drink before I whither/wither away....

Next time I hope to tell you all about the life size Tabernacle which will be in Chattanooga this whole week!! I'm very excited about it. I hope they let us take pictures.

Cheers for now and happy Sabbath.

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