Saturday, November 1, 2008

Autumn Fun

This evening we enjoyed a church-planned Autumn supper and festival at our friend's house.(Lord, please help me not to break the 10th commandment). We were blessed by gorgeous weather.

Here we are gathering round for a vespers/worship which featured charades by the kids.

I'd guess there were about 2-300 people. More came after these shots.

Some folk brought their Jacob's sheep to show the kids. He was a ram and somewhat frisky.

There were two telescopes set up. S set one of them up. The featured items included the moon(waxing but still crescent), Saturn, Venus, the ring nebula, a double cluster and another galaxy (Andromeda??). I'm sure they looked at other things too but I was elsewhere!

After dark, the "fun" began - face painting,


and general running around and being wild.....

Here now is the "webcam" image for the week.

And some photos of fun in the autumn leaves last Sunday.

Since we had frost this week, I picked these 2 buckets of our last bell peppers. Unfortunately only 3 had turned red of this batch, but hey, the green ones aren't too bad!

On Sunday night we drove up for the annual FOL banquet and here is how they decorated our tables.

The food was delicious - there's nothing to compare to vegan delicious - like homemade gluten and these chewy buns! Yum.

Last but not least, Congrats to Great Aunty K who turned 100 yesterday! As someone said, "Not many people die after 100" so you're really special, AK!

Have a great week, and a pinch and a punch for the first of the month, NIX. Gotcha!

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