Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cloudland Canyon Camping

Willy-nilly - we decide to go camping this weekend - rain, shine or snow! Since we got to the campground early, we had our pick of sites. This one turned out to be in a prime spot! (Psst - If we're not going, pick spot #21 - next to the main trail into the canyon, set off by itself a little, and quite near the bathhouse. If we're going, you should pick site 22 or 20 - or something...;-) OK, sshh, don't tell anyone!

These photos need no comment, do they?

The trail around the top of the canyon with spectacular views - and drops...!

Here we are enjoying the lovely campfire before retiring to bed.

We hiked down from our campsite into the canyon to the two main waterfalls.
This is of the smaller waterfall - don't know why I didn't take one of the larger one - maybe just a little tired, perhaps? I forgot to count the steps coming back out - but it was a LOT! Nevertheless well worth the effort - another highly recommended spot to visit.

A view into Lookout valley from the Hangglider launch site. Here's a thought - why not do your leaf-peeping in Tennessee? - forget New England, guys - no crowds, no traffic jams, no exhorbitant hotel rates, and the weather isn't as cold - notice some short sleeves in the campfire photo, plus these spectacular colors and views. (I'll have to say that today was quite a bit colder as a cold front came in - but hey, still no snow or anything - yet - maybe just some teeny-tiny sleet...)

All in all, a wonderful campout.

And the weekly 'webcam' shows more leaves gone. Notice the reflection in the livingroom window.

Happy Birthday today to M in Arizona! And since Grandpa Gee is asking, next week I'll try to give a school update for GVE's second grade class. Will have to take the camera to school!

All the best this week - especially thinking of you guys in the UK. Sorry the economy is almost worse there than here (at the mo). Hope it picks up soon. I wonder what the talk of a new worldwide economic "system" will bring us? I guess we'll see by next summer - early June (they say).

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  1. Looks like an awesome camping trip - beautiful colors, great weather. . . what memories!! And I'll try not to take your spot :-) Too funny.