Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trees and Cakes on Fire

C and I have a little joke about calling the fire department when we see an especially brilliant tree. We saw LOTS this week. Some rain yesterday might be hastening the end of the color though - we'll see. I'm not including a photo of the brilliant trees because my camera just doesn't do them justice. Perhaps I'll include a few here later on down the road if S took any today on our walk through the woods on the Biology Trail. I love the glow from the leaves deep in the woods... S just informs me he didn't take any. :-(

Here is a pic of AK about to blow her candles out - one for each decade. My cousin, L, sent it and labelled it, "The Big Blow"! Talk about fires :-) Hope they didn't have to call the fire department for this one!

Our house this week, looking a bit wet.

This week in Bible/Worship, C and I made a model from the parable of the 4 types of soil, representing our hearts and how they receive the Word of God (seed). We had fun doing that. It's no

It's not quite finished in this photo - still have to add the modern equivalent/meaning to all the soil types.

A couple weeks ago, we also made a plaster of paris model of different typologies eg: mountain with snow, glacier, hills, lake, sea, rocks and all that. Will have to take a photo of that too. We have some cloth with POP on it, which, when you dip it in water, softens completely. Then you lie it over the mold (can be made of newspaper balled up, or flour clay, whatever); which then hardens to rock hard within a day in the shape you leave it. After that, you can paint it or otherwise decorate by glueing stuff on or whatever. FUN! (That reminds me of all the paper-mache stuff we used to do in school - that was fun, and MESSY too).

Here is C at a cello lesson within the last month, I think. She's about done with book 3 now. In violin she is also enjoying learning all the Christmas music with the others. More than half of that class is also in 2nd grade.

And here are some gym-masters pics of H during practice (taken by G).

1) About to catch!!

2) Got her!

Better you than me, H!!

You are STRONG - and here's the pic to prove it!

A girl's best friend...

This particular canine got herself too close to a skunk last night, poor thing. She'll probably have a miserable night living with herself!

Well, folk, that's all for this time...If I had time (AND my priorities straight), I'd actually PLAN this blog ahead of time and make it worth your while....but alas, that doesn't happen very often. There's hope ahead though - 2009 is coming, and with it, some new resolutions!! YAY!



  1. Always worth the time - ramblings are a good thing. I need to do a bit more of it on my blog. I keep threatening to write more often and next thing I know it's Thursday and time for another sky pic. Craziness. Today is particularly busy with preparing for a cooking class (Lunch & Munch) tomorrow. Prep food. Fix Recipe cards. Print,cut & Collate recipes. Prep for a stamp class next Monday (get an order in so it can arrive in time with materials I need). I'm tired. And it's Monday. And it doesn't look like the week is going to slow down at all. Maybe I'll go blog about it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oooo - the Monday blues - looks like your plate is full. Hope the Lunch&Munch went well - sounds delicious....wish i lived closer ;-). Mmmmm. Well, I'm happy to oblige with the rambling inspiration - I think I've got the "rambling" thing down to a "fine" art...You're so kind with your euphemistic "rambling" though - others would be more blunt and I know I deserve otherwise, haha! But hey, if I can inspire....that makes it all worth while!! :-)
    Take care!