Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tribute to Aunty Kay

Dear great Aunty K has passed away. I guess she was one of those few who "die after age 100"! On Thursday she had a stroke and died today in the hospital - in Margate, South Africa. Next thing she will know will be to see Jesus coming in the clouds. For now, she has a peaceful unconscious "sleep" until that day. Next time I'll be able to gather together more of a tribute, as far as life's work and all that. For now I just know a favourite aunt who was always so full of beans, and had a bright and active mind even to the end; who gave the greatest back scratches; had the most wonderful stories and adventures to pass on; loved a great many things, including animals, farming of different types, birding, astronomy, mission service, genealogy and history, to name a few; and loved to pass on different memorabilia from days past to us kids. She was very interesting to talk to and always had a kind word and selfless service for those less fortunate. She was a nurse midwife and spent most of her life in mission service, along with her sister. She also spent time as the curator at an historical house museum in Maritzburg and also worked "behind the elephant" in a natural history museum. Anyway, as I said before, I'll write more when I get all the "facts".
More later...

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