Sunday, September 16, 2012

Garden Gems plus....

Here is one of the 10+ watermelons from the garden. This one was 35 pounds and had to be carried in the wheelbarrow!

35 pounds of watermelon
It barely fit in the fridge.  We had to invite 3 other families to share it with us.

Dew Sparkles

 Why does some dew gather in small droplets and other times not so small?

Are you at home, Big Ears?

Sept 9, 2012.  Starting to get the fall garden going.

Mustard greens?  I can never keep all the greens straight.

We had the pool to ourselves on the last day it was open!


A family of turkeys comes over for a visit.

Our newest Pathfinder: a "Friend".  They went on a campout this weekend.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful.  Didn't get any photos of it, sadly.

Sept 16, 2012.  More stuff in - broccoli, brussel sprouts and collards.

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