Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gee Creek Campout 2013

Compared to last year we had a little more "dampness" this year but fortunately most of it fell during the night.  On Sat. night though, we had high winds and the tarp either came down or was taken down - the details are a little fuzzy - and perhaps those who did the deed were a little fuzzy on the details at 2am as well - maybe we'll never know, right?  Most of us were blissfully unaware til morning!

It was cloudy and cool but no rain during the day.

We need more than one fire for 100 people!


Worship time.

Crossing the creek - ha ha, looks like a ballet dancer!

We're supposed to be hiking the opposite direction, Companions!  All we like sheep...

OK, now we're heading in the right direction.  And yes, it IS 2013, thanks for telling us that!

Looking way below at the rushing creek.

These expressions are priceless!  I HAD to include them.

Well come on, Mr. joker boy!  Couldn't you do better?!

At some waterfalls.  Very picturesque.

Cooking on an open fire again....for those who couldn't make it Jan. 19.

Boiling water

The morning after....tarp down, big lakes and soggy ground!

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