Friday, April 18, 2008

Sonrise Snippets

Here is a brief graphic summary of the Sonrise pageant our local church puts on every year on the Easter weekend. Here, C is making friends with a sweet little lamb.

In this picture a young camel gets frisky - his mother was in a nearby trailer and he wasn't happy about that!

This other camel is just a friend, I guess.

"Who am I? I'll give you 3 guesses!"

We didn't do the full walk-through - a little graphic in places for young minds - but here are some snippets from here and there. By the way, we did have wonderful weather for it - almost hot!

After the outskirts of Jerusalem, we enter the city gates and pass through some shops and other businesses.

Early morning fires keep the merchants warm.

For convenience, the money changer is right on the main thoroughfare to take your money and maybe give you back a fair trade....

Get your temple tax here
"Beautiful, colourful fabric for sale! Just in time for the Passover! Get your new, imported fabric right here!"

In this photo, we have Aunty J, A and M, along with the children C and D.

After this area - the city of Jerusalem - the pageant continued to the last supper, the garden of Gethsemane, the trial of Jesus with Pontius Pilate and Herod etc, then carrying the cross to Golgotha where they portrayed the crucifixion, and lastly to the gym where the resurrection was dramatized. Every year I think "This is the last year I come" - but every year I give in to C's wish to see it, especially the animals and Aunty J's fabric stand!! Next year coincides with LBA alumni w/e - yay - we'll have to miss it! I just see too many flaws in portraying the spotless Son of God with a sinful, mortal human! Anyway, that's just my view. Won't go into that now.

And here is C's new 1/4 size Cello on the day we got it - still getting used to the new big size. Now it's old hat.

This week we had another cello recital. C played Boccherini's Minuet last night. Did very well. Tomorrow she plays the same piece at a local Assisted Living. Join us there at 3pm!

Happy Sabbath!

Til next week....

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