Monday, March 16, 2009

Skyviews and Other Views

Although we're not members of the official Skywatch, these pics of the recent Shuttle launch (March 15), taken by S who's down in FL (taking a 4 day class), are beautiful and unique. Taken from Avon Park.

Solid booster break-away.

The smoke cloud lingers in the last sunlight.

Still glowing.

And now for something completely different - Dragons (also from FL)

A "little" alligator.

And a big don't-mess-with-my-baby mama alligator,

or I'll EAT you!

And here are some videos of the penguins at our recent visit to the TN Aquarium.

one more:

and ooonnnne more:

And last but not least, our cute little salamander has lost her gills and is now officially a landlubber! We have made a humus habitat and she seems content to burrow into it, at least all day - who knows what she does at night! We've given her cut-worms, grubs, snails, her old triop food and roly-poly beetles to eat....we have no idea if she's eating them 'cos they burrow under too. She's about 4cm or around 2 inches long now - unfortunately about as big around as the cut-worms I put in there - wonder if she'll attempt to attack them!? - or vice versa?
I'm calling it a "her" because her spots seem more gray than white. She is now "Sallie". If the spots turn white, hmmm, maybe Naaman!

And that's all for tonight folk! Remember to dress in green tomorrow!

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