Monday, June 22, 2009

Johnsons enjoy June

Camera cam again.
June 9, 2009

In Tennessee there's no other way to fully enjoy summer than to swim. Here are A and C in the indoor pool on their way to the showers from the outdoor pool. (You know, can't pass 'Go' without collecting $FUN). Guess I didn't take their pic in the outdoor pool.

Summertime portrait - cello practice.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary....

And here is my compost bin....we hope very productive.

Last w/e (10th - 14th June) we spent in West Virginia at a "True Education" conference. Providentially some folk had just acquired this old school at a good price - fully furnished with everything needed for similar conferences like this one, and for an agricultural school they're planning to start here. There is also a beautiful farm next door which they had also just purchased. I'm really impressed with WV. Who would have thought!!?

Inside the gym - all the chairs, tables, and other furniture here and available for use!

C and D. D is such a little MAN!

We camped in the van - very comfortable. In the gym was a full industrial-sized kitchen with everything needed - very convenient, as D would say!

Little baby sparrows. When we first got there, there were 4 little eggs in the nest. The next day one had hatched and by the next, I think 3. Hopefully the 4th also hatched later. The babies are here lying on one of the eggs. I was quite impressed with the tenacity of the mother as she had to contend with an onslaught of little kids peering into the nest at very regular intervals!

McKee picnic June 5. Here are C and R on the Ferris wheel - scary!!

And lastly, a snake by our swing stayed in this position for about 10 minutes before finally moving slowly off. Maybe it got muscle fatigue by that time! I know it thought it was nicely camouflaged.....C got the fright of her life when she went to swing and saw that 'thang'.

And so, from our busy summer life, we bid you 'adieu'.

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