Friday, August 21, 2009

Auspicious August

The grand beginning of school happened last week. We have two eager 3rd graders this year - with a slight tendency to get hyper I'm afraid. Again, alas, am finding out that everything takes longer than planned. A little writing or drawing exercise takes 3X as long as expected...
Here are the eager beavers enjoying school.

On Wednesdays they "get to" make their own lunch. Here we are making hamburgers (vegetarian of course!). On other days they're very welcome to help make lunch too but somehow I never see them around offering to help!

Here's M in a big thunderstorm taking his shower... All he needs is soap. Since they don't have water in Arizona, and rain is unheard of in Phoenix, he comes over this way for his yearly shower - works well for everybody!

C and A pretending something or other. I think their families were just having a lovely summer picnic under the trees.

Did I mention that C was a 1st place winner in a newspaper coloring contest? Won $50 as a gift certificate and had a wonderful time spending it.

Well, I'm doing this blog from another computer and don't have the usual arsenal of photos to choose from, so tata for now. Happy Sabbath to one and all.

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