Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Picnic

Lake Winnie, here we come.  C and A had a most marvelous time.  Here are a few snapshots of their frivolity. At the top of the long slide!  This was A's first time to Lake Winnie.

Time for the caterpillar rollercoaster (A's first time on a rollercoaster in her life)....whee!  Fortunately this one is quite mild!

This ride always reminds me of "Mr Toad's Wild Ride"....don't know why!!  Our driver today is Ms C.

Then it was time for lunch!  "Hotdogs" or "hamburgers" (all vegetarian on our row), "chicken" nuggets, cole slaw, potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, chips, drink and finish up with an ice-cream!
And this is what it leaves behind!

Cooling off in the Cool Zone.  The fine cool mist was invigorating (and extremely necessary in the blazing heat).

On the large ferris wheel.  This was most enjoyable and gave an awesome view of the park.
The only thing I worried slightly about was becoming a lightning rod during the hintings of a nearby thunderstorm.  We survived, thankfully.

This is part of the view.  See the large, very large cat (?) fish in the pond ("lake")?  They were mostly at least 2 feet long.  Perhaps they're brownish goldfish....

A happy coincidence - they climbed into elephant number 9 - what a lucky number!
Another wild "toad" ride. This time driven by gentleman "D".  No accidents and they arrived back safely!  Whew!

The temps were in the 90's; it was extremely muggy; and I didn't take photos of all the rides they went on....but you get the picture.

Happy Sabbath to one and all.

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