Saturday, March 19, 2011

Field trip number ten - to Tellus

depending on how you count them.  The trip up to New England prolly counted for at least 5 by itself!  Anyhoo, we'll count that trip as one field trip so this one is number 10.

Another trip to Tellus - well worth the trip!  Tuesday, the day of the trip, was cold and rainy.  A nice day for an inside museum trip, although we had to travel an hour each way in the rain and "weather".  It seemed to be an ideal day for several other groups too - we saw at least 6 school buses parked in the lot and had many groups going through the various exhibits.  We noticed they seemed to focus on one main area  ie: geology; paleantology; - perhaps they're local groups that get to come often and get to focus on one area at a time - nice!

Since this was our second trip here within a year, I'll try not to duplicate TOO many photos, other than the one measuring against the large truck tire!  You can see how the girls have grown over the last 10 months.
I'll add this one to the previous one so you can compare the heights, too.
We were at Tellus only 4 days after the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  The big red circles indicate earthquakes (greater than mag. 4) TODAY, and the orange ones YESTERDAY and yellow, from the past 2 weeks.  Pink are <4 earthquakes in the last 5 years. What you hover the cursor over shows the magnitude and region of a specific one, hence the PNG one highlighted. Looks like they had a 6.6 two days before the Japan one - I didn't even hear about that one, did you?

An interesting looking malachite.

They had fascinating facts about each vehicle - unfortunately this particular section didn't interest the girls at all - they went on to the space area while I browsed here.  But then a museum curator wondered where their mother was....they keep tabs on you, don't they?  (I'm surprised they didn't ask where MY mother was!)

A cute astronaut.

Caption below describes this one.

I can't help including these little snippets of riveting information.

Ah yes, why didn't they include some of these in the gem mining area!!??

Here again in the gem mining area.  It's really neat that they let the children (and adults, thankyouverymuchwepayquiteabitmorethanthechildrentobabysitthemforyou!!) collect real (little, teensy tiny) semi-precious stones.

Blending in with another group.

And so, around 3:30 or later, we headed for home, hopefully with heads filled with all kinds of useful knowledge!

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