Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Maine Days

Three of our family were privileged to have 5 days in Maine - Five glorious, wonderful, sunny days.  Again, pictures are the best description so enjoy:

C swimming at York Beach on the way north
Ice-cream at Saco beach.  The first of many ice-creams!!

We went for a little walk along the beach after supper.
Dramatic colours

The colours became more intense

July 9 in Portland, Maine

Portland, ME

Camden, Maine from Mt. Battie

On Mt. Battie, looking out over the sea.

We enjoyed these lovely, juicy, sweet blueberries in the bushes all around, along with the view.  

Geraniums in Camden
Interesting colour combinations.

Captain, what have you caught today?

Near Owl's head in the late afternoon.

Owl's Head Lighthouse

Around Owl's head

Port Clyde, Maine.  

Port Clyde quaintness!

SUP man! S and C paddled across the harbour and back.

The famous Laura B. comes into port
I do not approve of the cruelty involved in the lobster business.  I mean, all killing of God's dumb animals is questionable, but cooking them alive?!  Plain and simply CRUEL.

Looking back at Port Clyde from the Laura B.

At the bow.  On the cruise we saw Puffin, dolphin, harbour seal, gallimot, bald eagle, osprey, many kinds of gulls and terns, murre (?), and others.

Rockland Breakwater and lighthouse

The lighthouse is 7/8 mile along the breakwater.  This is looking back toward shore.

"Hey, wait for me!"  (At Lincolnville beach and this is the ferry to somewhere...)
Lots of mussels and barnacles - Lincolnville at low tide

Rockport, ME

Across the harbour.  Notice the kayakers (can you see two?)

Rockport.  We ate our "to-go" lunch overlooking the harbour.
Andre the Seal at Rockport.  There's a whole story about this seal who lived 18 years and came back every summer to this harbour.  The last time he came, he was blind....
A schooner coming into port, Rockland.

Our "private" beach from the motel.

Swimming in the motel pool

The reversing falls at South Thomaston.  When the tide changes, the falls appear to be going both ways...

Supper one day

Had to play miniature golf!  Guess who won - Mr. J of course! (although yours truly DID get TWO holes-in-one!! and C's game improved a whole lot! She'll be giving us a run for our money in the not-too-distant future.)

The view of the sea from our room

An artist on the pier

Smelling the petunias

We explored the peninsula on the right.

Pemaquid Lighthouse

Looking up at the lighthouse from the rocks below.

We climbed up the spiral stairs to the top.

This is the light

Pemaquid lighthouse
I could add a boatload of pictures of all the quaint gardens in the area....

Awww, so cute!
At North bridge where the shot heard 'round the world was heard.

Landing at CHA in the rain.  Sadly, our vacation did come to an end!  Thank you Lord for safety and a wonderful, relaxing holiday at the seaside!  I'm ready to do it all over again...