Saturday, January 19, 2013

Outdoor fires and cooking

Time for the companions to learn how to build an outdoor "stove" and cook something.  First we had to find wood to build the frame, rocks to hold the vertical poles etc.  Then, using a cast-iron pot, we fried some potatoes, brussel sprouts, and onion etc plus baked potatoes in the hot coals.  Delish!!

Our frame looks good.  Now to get the fire going.

Showing different ways to start a fire.  Here our counsellor is showing us flint and steel, I believe.

Each one had a turn.  Very quickly we see a little flame.

Blowing to keep it going.

Stoking it, making sure we have plenty of oxygen.

We have a pretty good flame there.

Ok, now we're moving!

The best fire!

Time to add the vegetables.

What?  Eating already?  Just trying it out!

Oh, these were the most delicious potatoes and brussel sprouts you EVER did taste!

Another group had a different assignment.  Here they're boiling water for us all to have hot chocolate.

Are we building a tripod here?  But where is your group?

Afterward, in the Indian Counsel area, we enjoyed some stew, biscuits and peach cobbler, all made in dutch ovens.  That was also AMAZING!  We all had a good time, despite a couple of defections!

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