Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Manual labor camp

Doing some work on the property.  First we added some rock to the entrance road, then did some logging.

The back view of this dump truck reminds me of Dumbo the Elephant

Dumping the rock out.  In the foreground is more rock we dumped out a few minutes earlier.

Nice big pile in the middle of the road

Backhoe doing its thing

My jacket fell off the side and was driven over - phone and everything in the pockets.  Praise the Lord the tire didn't go over the phone but over some keys which were easy to bend straight again!  TY Jesus!!

Taking some trees down

While they were down, I took the chainsaw and sliced the little branches off

Two heelers waiting for us to throw the stick. The brown one is missing a back leg.

Who would think the backhoe would take down trees so easily - though a little time-consuming...

An hour or so of work later
And yet a few more hours of work

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